20210703 - In-Game Chat Issues


@CCP_Rattati You should be fired. You Can Ban My account. I don’t care. Your Job is to maintain this game but you broke it. What A Shame. Just be thankfull that players are not interested in filing a suit against CCP for a product they are paying for but you are keep messing the quality of it.


Imagine what the MER would look like if people had to pay 100 ISK per character typed in Jita local.


Jita sure didn’t go empty, all the bots were hard at work botting.

Ever since the node reboot yesterday I keep disconnecting after a few minutes in-game.
Happens on all accounts I have.
Anyone else?

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Thank you for sorting out this issue so quickly and being so upfront about the chat boxes.

Players are still invisible in local chat at times. I can fix this by going into the members list and unchecking show member list / show compact member list. Then they appear in the local chat when I recheck them.

@CCP_Rattati inherited, not caused this problem. It will likely exist until they convert back to the old irc powered platform. He is now responsible for fixing it, but he didn’t create it unlike many many other things he is directly responsible for breaking. I agree that she is ■■■■, but placing this on him is not fair.

SOMEtimes that works… but… I was on during the issue this thread was created for… had local on all 3 clients but it wasn’t showing everyone. and fleetchat’s guest list left 3 people out of 11 in fleet out.

relogging just made 1 of my 3 clients now have nothing at all showing in local and no fleetchat window at all. Twice.

3rd relog finally brought it back but didn’t fix the issue any more than it did for the other 2 clients (who steadily had the same issue every relog).

And then the notification went out that they were gonna restart stuff. All seeemed fine after giving it 10 minutes and then coming back in.

All of this began in March 2018… so it’s now 3 years and 4 months of on-and-off chat server issues. Thanks, Amazon Cloud!

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Thanks CCP and all its staff for a great space sim. I’ve liked EVE for years. It’s a long learning curve but it feels jam-packed with interesting stuff.

Keep smiling and keep up the good work.



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