[COMPLETED] 20201128 - In-Game Chat Issues

UPDATE: 23:44 - The majority of chat issues have been resolved. Some outliers might not see correction until the next downtime. In the meantime please relog if you’re still experiencing issues.

Players who lost ships due to bad local intel caused by the chat outage can visit http://support.eveonline.com and file a ticket under the category Game Play Support -> Reimbursements -> Lost Ships and our GMs will look into it on a case-by-case basis. This is not a guarantee of replacement but rather that investigations will be made.

UPDATE: 23:17 - Although some chat services have been restored we’re aware that there are still issues across the cluster. Work continues.

UPDATE: 20:07 - Chat channels should be gradually recovering. Please continue providing feedback in this thread about unexpected behaviour.

UPDATE: 21:43 - Almost there.

UPDATE: 20:58 - Work on the resolution is continuing. Thank you for your patience during this period.

UPDATE: 20:26 - We have identified the cause of the issue and are now working towards a solution.

UPDATE: 19:44 - Chat issues persist and our team continues to work on the problem.

We are aware of some in-game chat issues which are currently taking occurring. Our engineers are looking into the issues. Updates here and on the EVE Status Twitter account.

Please leave reports of what you are experiencing in this thread.


No local or corp chat


not showing everyone in local chat but all other chat is working


No chat at all in game is working.


Logged into one character and all chat windows were vacant of anything, including MOTD and “population”.


I’m seeing two different local for the same system. 10 in system on one char and 61 on the other.


how am i supposed to plex 15% off if there is no market

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the list of chats isnt populating in the neo com either if that’s of any use

Also Rookie Help is Mees up . it is slow and not wanting to respond

probe results not updated either.

most chats are blank and i lost some of my channels, or if you can get someone a chat all the messages show undelivered after a few minutes

kicking me out of all chats except corp

We noticed that the local sometimes would show up delayed by up to 30 minutes.

About 26 minutes ago I got a lot of “undelivered” messages in a chat - they are greyed with added " - undelivered"
Local doesn’t update in time.
After reloading clinet many chats don’t load up completely .


no local and when local does load theres more people docked than in system

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Logged in and no chats at all no MOTD. All chats blank sit for 5 minutes in game all player channels are gone. Only have corp alliance and local with nothing in them. On first login game lagged like a old women going to church on sunday. i had people in the player owned channels then all of em were gone like i got kicked from them??

Your engineers had time to ‘look into it’ for over a year … yet still …

What exactly do you think this ‘looking into it’ is going to achieve this time ?

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realy? again broken? f*k every day same broken in this game


Didnt want to chat anyway :ccpguard:

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none of the chats load now including both local and player made channels