[Resolved] Chat Issues and login.eveonline.com Issues - 31st October 2023

Hey everyone,

We’re aware of issues with Chat and login.eveonline.com currently and are under investigation.

Any updates will be posted here and on the EVE Status Twitter and Status page.

11:20 UTC - Server opened following extended downtime
11:25 UTC - Issues with chat reported and under investigation
12:08 UTC - Several services have been identified as having issues and we are working on resetting them back to a known working state.
12:14 UTC - SSO Issues should now be resolved. Additional services are still being worked on.

CCP Arcade taking over messaging.

12:39 UTC - If you continue to see issues such as with chat channels then please try restarting your EVE client and logging back in.

13:03 UTC - In-game issues should be resolved with a restart of the EVE client. We’re aware of issues with a recent update to the Beta launcher.

A launcher update was deployed at around 12:03 - Issues with the launcher are likely unrelated to the issues that arose after downtime. If you are encountering issues with the launcher then try reinstalling the launcher - Download the free EVE Online client (launcher) for Windows or Mac


Can I have your PLEX ?

Why does it look like EVE Status Twitter hasnt been active since 2020 :slight_smile:

Not sure why you’re seeing this as updates are appearing on there?

We can certainly investigate once this current issue is over but for now, I’d recommend referring to the status page for updates!

Outsourced chat being janky again?
Five years and counting, guys…

give up


Wasn’t it any better when they did it themselves.

If I launch my client I get the message in the screenshot. Tried to update it over the last 20 mins, but no luck (same client I guess).

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 13.23.39

The most important thing in the investigation is not to come out on yourself !

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Same issue here.

If you’re encountering problems with the launcher can you try reinstalling it? You can download the launcher from Download the free EVE Online client (launcher) for Windows or Mac

Update - The launcher team is looking into the errors that were generated after the update was deployed.

I did this and still getting issues… I’m on Mac

Can you let me know which mac OS you are using? I can pass it on to the launcher team.


Thanks. I will pass on the info.


Same here.

But using the “old” launcher works.

Same here. Clicked the launcher update button. I’m on a Macbook Pro M2 Max

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 13.07.25

Here’s the issue window I had just for reference…

iMac 24" with Somana 14.1 .

As a workaound on Mac:
Simply install eve again using the “*.dmg” file. No need to uninstall the previous version. Simply choose overwrite. Works for me…

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I’m on the macOS Venture (13.6.1)