01/02/2020 - Connectivity Issues

Hi everyone,

It’s a new day so I’m starting a fresh thread since the last one was getting quite long. It’s here if you want to keep track of prior discussions.

On attempting to log in players may be presented with this message:

Some players are reporting success if they click OK on the message and then click on Connect below. It may take a couple of tries. This isn’t ideal of course and we’re still working on a permanent resolution.

There are other issues at the moment as well which we are also trying to fix but we hope this will be helpful to some people.

Thank you. o7


Has the root of all these issues been figured out yet?

Yes. There is an active DDoS attack against Tranquility.

There WAS an active DDOS attack against TQ. The last attack was 2 days ago now, on Thursday. The problem now is something to do with CCP’s DDOS protection. It is eating connections and routing them off to nowhere. This has been the issue since at least Wednesday. Many regions are perfectly fine and playing with almost 0 issues right now. There are 28k people online as I post this, and I can’t log in without a VPN.


I stand corrected. The root cause isn’t any of those things anyway - it is man’s lack of love and empathy for his fellow man


I had very few login problems until today. Now, after countless attempts I decided to give up. I know that you guys at CCP doing your best but this is getting annoying nevertheless.

That has been working for the SE USA where I am this morning at least. However, I cannot get a second account up that way, and obviously additional accounts. There seems to be a limit of one account at a time.

Second, once on, things are still getting “hung up”, and the only apparent way to fix that was to totally log off, at lest an hour ago.

Aye, this approach would allow me to log in. Staying logged in for more than 5 - 10 minutes after undocking and then logging back in while hoping my ship managed to warp off instead of floating appetizingly in space was the true adventure.

see, never undocking does have its benefits

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I can’t connect. Could you please let me know when I can resume playing EVE?

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I con sometimes get into the game using the multiple clicking method outlined above, but it usually takes many minutes (often 10 or more) before I am all the way in. Once in game everything is excessively slow - 2-3 minutes to undock, jumping through gates can take 5 minutes. Long delays to open windows (map/contracts/ship fitting/etc.) ANd then after about 20 minutes of “game play” I am disconnected.


another day, another conga line thread

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For example, during the entire time I have been composing these two posts, my client has been stuck on “processing bulk data” I expect my client will remain there for at least another 5 minutes.

so once we’re in we should never log off?

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In my experience, you’ll be disconnected before too long.


now’s a bad time to do any abyssal space then :smiley:

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For some people it is not an ISP issue. I havent changed my ISP yesterday.
It is not about being obtuse or rude either.
Some people cannot login because server doesnt accept login requests from their country.
It is annoying to see a suggestion about the problem being our ISP because that suggestion is useless and better not exist.
Id be content if they said " we have closed connections from your country becouse we are investigating something or another"


The connection issues are now being caused the company CCP hired to mitigate the DDOS attack.

How do you know this? I am not trying to be obnoxious, I am genuinely curious about your source of information. I have been periodically checking the forums and the eve twitter account and I haven’t seen any official explanation along these lines.

In my case it is possible to login using VPN, ergo it should be regional