Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

Dear Pilots,

Let me shed more light on the issues we have been experiencing for the last several days.

The DDoS attacks that started over a week ago have been on-going and the majority of the problems you all have been dealing with are a direct result of this. Our teams and partners have constantly been working on minimizing the interruption to our services, however, the experience for many pilots have still been suboptimal. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience it has caused you.

We understand that the inability to properly play EVE Online has been the source of frustration and it is our highest priority to do everything within our power to restore and maintain a high level of service that you expect from us.

We have been continuously monitoring all communication channels to gauge the impact on the players. Thanks to everyone who took the time to report in. I want to do a better job at clearly communicating the status of the problems that are affecting different players using three status stages:

The updates will be provided as they are available in this thread and @EVE_Status account. Thank you for your understanding.

Issue: In-game Chat Not Working Properly
Comment: We made changes that should help restore the chat functionality. Please report any odd in-game channel behavior in this thread.

Issue: Unable to Connect
Comment: We are aware that a subset of players is still unable to connect to the game properly and are working on improving the situation for those affected.

Issue: Lag and Disconnect
Comment: We are aware that some players are experiencing a higher rate of disconnects and latency problems. This is under investigation.



03/02/2020 @ 16:34 UTC

  • Chat issues changed from MONITORING to ON-GOING as players are reporting problems with the service being unreliable.
  • The investigation to improve the overall situation has been on-going and will continue while teams are working on finding solutions to the service stability problems.

04/02/2020 @ 12:55 UTC

  • Chat issues are still prevalent. We are working with our partners on implementing different solutions that are aimed at improving the situation across the board.
  • Login issues and abrupt loss of connection continues to be a problem. We are closely working with our mitigation partner to minimize the impact the current situation has on the players. Your reports have been very helpful, please keep reporting your issues to us via forums. Twitter, and other social media - we are monitoring every possible communication channel there is.

05/02/2020 @ 14:47 UTC

  • Improvements were made that should have a positive effect on the stability of our services. However, the issues are not resolved and we are under a constant threat.
  • Teams continue investigating various problems to improve on or find alternative solutions that can help elevate the issues in the meantime.
  • Your reports on problems outside of the standard connectivity issues are being closely monitor, and we have active internal discussion on various topics with relevant teams.

06/02/2020 @ 15:15 UTC

  • The situation is improving and we see less unsuccessful logins overall in the last 24 hours.
  • Chat also looks to be in better shape, but some problems are still being reported.
  • The team continues the investigation while keeping a close eye on the health of our live services.
  • We were also speaking with our industry friends when looking at different options that players can consider, and would like to suggest trying GeForce Now service as a way to play EVE Online. Nvidia is currently running an offer on their premium service offering a free three-month trial which could help access EVE Online while we work on the connectivity problems on our end.

07/02/2020 @ 15:32 UTC

  • Issues with the connectivity continue to affect some players, and while we see a positive trend the matter still causes a problem for some players.
  • Reports about display issues and lost connection to the in-game chat channels are being investigated.
  • All items remain to be on top of our priority list and teams continue working on improvements around the clock.

10/02/2020 @ 09:38 UTC

  • Login issues persisted over the weekend for some players. The launcher message expired but has been brought back to inform pilots about potential issues. The work with our mitigation partner continues to limit the impact of any DDoS attempts on our services.
  • The in-game chat continues not to be working properly for some players.

11/02/2020 @ 16:29 UTC

  • Chat issues have been updated from ON-GOING to MONITORING. The main connectivity problems appear to be resolved and chat should function properly. Let us know if you are still having issues with the chat right now.
  • The situation with players being completely unable to access the game seems to be better overall. We are paying close attention to any reports and internal metrics that could indicate otherwise.
  • Connectivity and chat issues can still manifest when our services come under a DDoS. Improvements are the subject of ongoing discussions between our team and mitigation partners.
  • While our primary focus is on ensuring that our services are operational we have been having conversations about the compensation for affected players. We are formulating a plan and will share more on that at a later time.


  • The situation for the past 24 hours has been good. The services are stable and players can connect and play EVE Online without major interruptions. If you are still unable to access EVE, please hit me up so we can try and assist you directly.
  • Taking into consideration the current impact, I am updating the status of the connectivity issues to MONITORING. We continue to pay close attention to the traffic and are ready to respond to any incoming attacks instantly.

Thanks for the update… Keep working at it.


Local has (right up to downtime) been unreliable. Different accounts see different subsets of who’s in local.

Still a problem there, not connecting to chat, but with local working right.


Thank you for saying anything at all. Keep at it!


Thanks for the update…


Chat channels are still borked, including local. For me it was operating perfectly fine before DT, for others not at all.

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When is the next update?
Given where things are, you should be commiting to regular updates, I suggest every 4 hours until things are fully resolved.


Chur, thanks for the updates.

I like how everything is working for Australia even the chat. Even though we have the worst internet


not for me

Спасибо за прояснения. Мы в вас верим !


same as the others one toon fine the other no local or chat channels

노력해 주셔서 감사합니다~ 당신들의 노력이 아름답습니다


Not in Perth everything isnt working for me.

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Thank you. Hearing direct updates makes a huge, huge difference. :heart:


Ive not had to many problems logging in 2nd attempt always gets me back into the game, but since sunday I have not had any chat functions (not an issue really but just thought id put my 2 cents in)


not every one mate in sa is still having issues same with a few ppl in qld

Thanks for the update FINALLY


Oh rip, I live in a regional area idk

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thanks for the info. as things stand I have no connection to in game chat servers whatsoever. I have not had chat since a spell of bad lag on Saturday. aswell as my ongoing tickets.