Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

thx for being honest
hope u find out who is doing this


I experiance issues with local. Today there was 25 people in local but 100+ in the station i was docked in.

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Its sticky getting in to EVE but gets their in the end, but still getting banned notifications from chat channels, From the UK

Thank you for saying anything at all. Keep at it!

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issues with reaching Oauth or both on the website and in the launcher so inability to login now not just inability to connect


I’m flabbergasted, they are capable of addressing the issue :o

That’s a start, if not a week or so late :smiley:


you should be updating us often not leaving it and waiting. the chats are sporadic at best. so the issue is on going so monitoring will not work. monitoring a system you already know has major floors we all need local chat to be safer during pvp actions. this isn’t happening. loosing loads of ships. our corp has lost 19 to my count so far. this isn’t really good for a company of your size. sort the local rest can be done via mumble discord and so on for corp chats. Local is main 1 every 1 requires. Sorting the losses which must be thousands now on this game. Maybe you should of added all servers together seen as we went from 24k average to now 33k average at peek times. You also need to sort the game issues in Hi sec. like combat sites and DED there is non thanks to all issues u have created by adding all these servers. so seems some 1 may be disgruntled with in game so may be take a good look at everything not 1 area

Only way i have found chat channels to work if you are in the uk is to use a vpn


Thanks for the update it was the only thing a lot of people have been waiting for.
keep it strong and please don’t burn yourself out.
if there is one thing that eve thaught me ,it muste be “patience is king”.


Some have had issues logging in more than one toon at a time. One can struggle to get one online, then go for the second one, and loose the first.

Finaly an update. Lag is mostly fixd chat big problem not working as intended local is 0.

local chat still bugged, station player count exceeds players in local.

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I can log in and play, but I can’t reach chat servers unless I use a VPN. They respond to pings and eveything, but won’t let me in.

Thanks a lot for the update.

Chat not working properly here, “cannot connect to chat :5222”
But a bunch (anything from between 5 to 20) of retries later it does connect, usually.

What kind of compensation is going to be made for all of this? I made some members paying for VPN’s to play and others that have just given up on it all together. Large amounts of isk being lost due to inability to play effectively. Also alot more communication to us would be wonderful. Were all left here wondering whats going on with little to no communication from you folk. Makes us wonder whats really being done about the situation…


You guys at CCP are doing a great job, Keep up the great work.

BTW. if these Attackers ever get caught, We should beam them to a Space Station and Jettison them without a can or escape pod as we the Pilots of eve take turns firing our favor weapon at them.

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Ничего не изменилось. Ошибка подключения к серверу чата осталась. 5222 все еще не подключается. И еще. я создал новый аккаунт, мне дали просроченный стартовый бустер на навыки , за ежедневный вход в игру

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What are you monitoring ? Chat channels are borked for a lot of people. I know from my corp and I know from my alliance. That does not need monitoring but fixing but no surprise there chat has always been problematic.

As for myself I have been unable to even logon last 5 days and I envy the people who complain about chat…


There is a lot of players in systems that dont show up i local.
when i log on my 2 accounts the one connecting first dont show up in local on my other account. and i see different people and count in local on my 2 accounts in the same system

I am so severely impacted by this I have used a VPN to mask my self as being from Iceland.
I am from USA KY service provider Mediacom

Not sure what you are going to do to fix this but game and website are un-usable from my area.
list of IP address’s leased to Mediacom ISP.

Good luck.

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