[Resolved] Connectivity issues on Tranquility - 23 March 2021

Hello everyone,

We are aware that players are experiencing issues with accessing Tranquility or having a wrong clone state upon logging back into the game. We are investigating the root cause of the problem as we speak.

Thank you!



25 March @ 10:39
The issue has been resolved. Any further problems should be reported via regular channels to customer support, EVE Status Twitter, and forums. Thank you!

The connection issues have been caused by problems on one of our provider’s side: https://portal.linx.net/

Our services are all in green and we are monitoring the situation. We will respond accordingly should any more incidents occur. Thank you!


People in my group reported multiple disconnects over night in the night from the 23rd to the 24th

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I had multiple disconnects yesterday on all of my clients. It stabilized mid afternoon. However, I just experienced a disconnect of all of my toons today.

Same here. Got around 5 or 6 disconnections since DT.

Yes. I am on 2 disconnects in the last hour or so…