Mass Disconnections - 2020-10-21

We have just experienced a mass disconnection of players from Tranquility and are currently investigating.

We will let you know as we have further information.

Update 17:54: Some players are having success reconnecting but we’re still investigating connection instability and ongoing issues with chat.

Update - Resolved 18:46: Connectivity to Tranquility is stable. Chat services should be restored at this time - if you are still having an issue you may need to log out and back in to restore functionality.


i got back on and corp and local chat is BROKEN


Same here.

Agents are broken also, I was talking to Research and now it’s no longer available.

It’s too late today evening, nobody works this time. Just go sleep and you solve it tomorrow. We can watch TV or be with our loved ones.
Good night!

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Glad to see Aurora is still active on the forums. Would be nice if she responded to my ping though :unamused:

Lost some drones due to this :frowning:

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It’s up now, jump in and see if you can still grab them.


The Trigs again sabotaging New Eden?

Been a busy week or two here so I apologize if I’ve missed some stuff. Feel free to @ me.

Disconnected in ship. Reconnected in capsule. This is really stupid

the standings is ■■■■ up right now. so who is red who is blue now.
local is down. crop info is down.
when can we get stable servers or fix the war so it is not lagging.

These disconnects have been going on for several hours already. I’ve been disconnected 6+ times over past 4 hours, often within just 2-3 minutes of logging in. I’ve had no connection problems with anything else on the internet, just EVE.

Open a ticket for it.

they got blapped by npcs :frowning: petition time, I want replacements.

Reconnect worked.

I am on fiber, 300/100, dual channel SFP.

i think they’re telling me get some rest and go sleep … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

it said my account was alpha so i plexed it only to find its actually subbed until march, alot of my other accounts are showing alpha too but i’m 90% sure they are omega

I guess I got lucky. All that happened to me was that I needed to relog before my ship would take my commands again. Thank god I wasn’t in combat or anything.

okay look like all is back online.