[RESOLVED] 2023/05/10 - Intermittent chat disconnects

Hello everyone,

We are aware of reports of intermittent chat connectivity issues on Tranquility. Our tech team is aware of it and an investigation has begun, however, it’s currently likely that unfortunately, this issue will persist until at least downtime.

Additional information will be shared in this post, as and when it becomes available.

Edit: Logs indicate the last chat disconnect was at 03:55 UTC.

Whilst the causes remain under investigation, this is going to be marked as resolved for now.


No matter what you do or who you are in New Eden, you’re all part of the fabric of this beautiful universe.

Nice twitter page quote!


I noticed that I wasn’t able to see my cursor as well.

fleet chat and other chats like corp/ allince is mest up to

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I saw in the allaince chat before midnight saying they needed to reload to restart client and such… but i had nothing wrong… until i did go off and came back a little over midnight and it was like i played a alpha state of the game . did log off dindt work did quit game and connect dindt work. I know in the future devs are super lazy or lets say the boss above them dont care about the state of the game … because if you make patches you first try them and then send them in but now in so many years more and more game company’s just trow there patches in without checking… and then say player bad because they dont wanna play anymore…


I should’ve expected it, i have two days off in more than a month and finally have time to play and server problems will abound… ■■■■ my luck man.


Isn’t just chat connectivity. I can’t keep a connection to the game at all.


kept getting lost connection on 5 toons then 3, then 2 all in a space of 20mins

Aye I just had a pair of characters 2 or 3 systems apart…~mostly~ the same people listed in local for both. Some were different, but some just sort of stuck.
Always concerning when you’re not sure if you’re alone, or just how many the bad people have.

my mining fleet got ganked fe days ago in an 0.5, so i am very paranoid when i moon mining my station

yes thanks to the local not working right i just lost a ship worth a ton of isk and have little to no way to get that ship back

It’s a lot of things from the look of it… logging into the client (after selecting the character on the launcher), and if you get into space, menus aren’t showing up, to say the least.

same here, connection was lost twice and one while in abyss

Do your programmers ever actually test patches before they load them up?


So your telling us that this Shitshow will go on for at least 8-9 hours and there is no way to restart the servers now?


Yes they do. Does that actually work? Nope… Because every time we get a patch we have to wait at least a week for the patch patch. I swear man, there is always some part of the game glitching out. At this point, players keep the game alive to troll the software engineers.


good fight


Local appears to not work correctly, now all of new Eden is wormhole space, enjoy … haha.

D-scan. Fly safe

How to D-scan.

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Blackout 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Local is broken. Players showing up in multiple systems, but not actually in any of them.