[RESOLVED] 2023/05/10 - Intermittent chat disconnects

2 HOURS before i have problem with local windows, dont show people in local but in gates is active warps

There is nothing intermittent about it.


I’ve had 9 alts logged in and on the same channel for the past 4-6 hours. None of them can see each other in the user list nor see anything each other are saying in the channel. Spamming messages doesn’t help. Relogging numerous times doesn’t help.

Local is delayed or not updating at all in numerous systems. Corp and Alliance channels are entirely non-functional. Right clicking people in channels where they do show up lacks options like inviting people to fleet. It’s all jacked up.

I can tell you exactly where the problem is. Amazon Web Services and Jabber.


Seems better? :speak_no_evil:

Hm… the only thing sad about this is I won’t get the next gift after that “least downtime”, not like after a regular downtime :smiley:

You don’t say, since when are you aware of this and how did that happen?

Asking for a friend!

not happy but that’s normal for me

lol we got this dude Amy pollard in 3 differant place at the same time
i think thats not just some chat login issu

They are aware that we aware that they are aware.

Also noticed map search issues. A map search that would generate many results (like “Amarr”) was not possible. A map search with more limited results (like “Goni” ) would work OK.

Hope you guys give us a technical breakdown of what caused this. I enjoy hearing about the server tech and how chat was migrated to AWS and am interested in how that plays into these issues.

yes. the T in ccp stands for test :slight_smile:


I reported a similar issue several months ago, where one character appeared in 2 Systems at the same time.
It feels spooky, like he is always watching me!


d-scan fd too

20 years of beta test


Thank you for the coms - o7

Look at the bright side people at least this might prevent the hypernet and buddy invite chat spammers from operating.

:smirk: :upside_down_face: :psyccp:


Blackouts are a great opportunity for logistics and military personnel to move, relocate, deploy to different regions without other people understanding. We’ve seen this movie before. Let’s hope this isn’t a deliberate blackout that looks like a mistake! CCP I don’t trust you

OK, how about a PRICE INCREASE to tackle all the problems you got by trying to save money by using AWS instead of buying recent and actual hardware?

Or maybe a new NFT-based 1st person shooter?

Concord didn’t notice Trigs developped Elite Hacking V.
Which systems will fall next?

If it means I don’t have to see those circle-jerking twinks spam local and NPC corp with their dumb copy&paste referral messages, then I can’t even be mad.

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