Version 21.04 - Known Issues

Same happened in HS local and across corp channels. All were empty. Had to relog several times.

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If you’re bigly mad about chat being janky af, among many many other things, sign the petition.

Still having undelivered messages in various chats.

The issue is not fixed.

I concur…Local is not currently updating either. I have just done an 11 jump journey and the same set of toons have been in each system.


Was going to reply in the chat thread but its been locked… yes Local chat seeing the same issue as yesterday.

CCP catching so much flak they had to hurry up and lockdown the thread here. :rofl:


Local is still messed up. Identical names in multiple systems.
Is this the new cloning system? You can be in many systems at once?

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It is not only locked, but they added [Resolved] to the title as an added insult :slight_smile:

I have the same names in local of multiple systems, relogging didn’t help




Well it’s not disconnecting randomly anymore, so disconnections are indeed resolved :wink:

I sure am glad this issue has been resolved. Jita and rookie chat are awful quiet for some reason though.

#BestChatSystemEver CCP


Local is still broken. 12 people in system on one account, 300 on the other.
Is CCP even trying to fi\x this?




broken again, channels not loading after switching characters, not even after relogging


Local not updating.
Messages in various chats being “undelivered”
Chat channel list not loading at all.

Radio silence from CCP.


it’s a faulty wire connection, now which one is it ?

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… You should’ve just outsourced the Local chats of trade hub systems and kept the rest in-house… That way, the only chat getting broken would’ve been those and only those

… On a more serious note, I would’ve fired the one that came up with the idea of outsourcing a chat service and reverted that decision… And, while I was at it, would’ve also restored and improved some of the features and functionalities that we all know that they had absolutely no impact whatsoever on whether the game was to be compiled either for x32 (I believe this has a more appropriate name that I can’t remember right now) or x64, and actually had a positive impact in the overall instead of “chat not working again”… Just sayin’. :thinking:

… But, hey, I’m still hoping that we can be more than just a portrait again and do more than simply transfer from one pod to the other… Like, you know, “more immersion” than what we have right now. Some of us want to show off our amazing digital bods in stations… :rofl:

Situation has improved somewhat. Instead of the same people being in local across multiple systems, now there’s nobody there, even when there is.

I should add that this is only on one of my clients.

Edit. 3rd Relog fixed it (not immediately, just randomly appeared after a few minutes), however I did have multiple weirdly named channels pop up which I can only assume are player channels who’s ID was surfaced in the UI rather than the actual name.

One of my alts has been logged in for a good 3-4 hours now. No channels are updating, no local is updating, cannot join channels, nothing ■■■■■■■ works. Nice broken game, CCP.

Chat channels arnt updating this end either. Local doesnt show anyone in system, and no updates when jumping through gates either…

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I’m having similar issues with just 2 accounts since the 4/25 patch. I’ve posted previously with my pc specs but no response from CCP at all.