Version 20.04 - Known Issues

Hello everyone,

It’s about that time and we have a new patch which went live 5 April. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online.

Quick Info:

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For now we’ve merged the PC and MAC known issues threads into a single one.





  • Too high frequencies for some UI sounds


  • * Halcyon G-3 Booster gives a 3% penalty to agility rather than a 3% bonus


  • * Proteus Offensive - Drone Synthesis Projector traits tab has not been updated with the buff it received

Structures & Deployables

  • * Standup Guided Bomb Launchers cannot be fit to Faction Fortizars

User Interface

  • * The overflow menu for too many chat tabs fails to open for chat channels with non-ascii names
  • * When adding a new contact, changing the Standings via the buttons does not update the text above the buttons
  • Probe scanner filter checkmarks are sometimes not being registered
  • * The option to ‘Enable light background’ does not appear when windows are stacked
  • * Dragging and dropping characters or corporations into a new contract’s name field no longer updates the availability
  • The ‘Assembled Ships’ option in contracts is not functioning correct
  • Stacked windows that are closed or minimized will re-open on session change. Workaround: Separate the windows and close them separately.

Industrial Jump Portal Generator I Blueprint Not SEEDED


The Flak BPO is seeded but why does it have the same icon as XL Fusion ammo?


They are seeded at ORE stations.

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Then say that in the patch notes. You know, the source of information and tracker for changes to the game. The place where important information like availability of new items is supposed to be listed to avoid confusion in light of repeated past screw ups.



When dragging character name to a contracts Name field it no longer auto selects private and instead stays on public.


Scratch that - just didn’t show up until I undocked and redocked

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Can’t launch (Worked fine 12 hours ago) Can’t open manifest.dat

Note: Launcher/Options → Tools / Cache → Shared Cache → Verify has resolved the launch issue.

No my Bad CCP did give out the SP. It was on the character. My bad!

Known Issue: The dbs is still in the game.


Confirmed the Bastion modules issue is still going on.

Confirmed that the CCP Swift and their teams require at least 6 months since they starts investigation.

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The sliders for PI extractors do not adjust the time displayed for extraction when they are adjusted. The time remains the same until you exit out of the PI screen and come back to it.


Personal Skill Plans (Mac)?

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Swift The new Photon UI is prety cool. Unfortuantely the Chat Channels Blinking does not appear to be working.

Bring back < BLINK > tag.

I can’t disable chat channel light background. Don’t have this line as option


None of my accounts will launch since today’s patch. I see them running in the task manager and the icon changes in the launcher to indicate they are running but nothing ever appears on screen.

Edit: Nevermind. I just needed to wait about 10 minutes. Wut?

Every time I jump through a gate my wallet and market windows open up by themselves. This only happens on an account where I had the market and wallet window open before undocking for the first time. Causes a huge amount of lag as well.

I have tried closing my client and launcher, re-opening launcher and logging in, the problem persists.


You wiped my textbox history again, either with this update or when I selected the ProtonUI feature preview.