Version 19.09 - Known Issues

hey just got a message from CCP they found my lost ship now if only i could log in and get to it

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So changing to DX9 didnt fix your white screen problem? that sucks. What PC spec u got?

well just heard back from a GM and all that was stated was that The game is up and running. Regarding your ticket with the technical team and he asked me to kindly ask you to please be patient while they contact you back.

it has been nearly a week and no responce

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After loading this update all I would get is a white/black screen. The game was running but no image. After reading through the known issues with the latest patch, I tried some things. In the NVIDIA control panel, I switched to using the Intergraded Intel graphics and the game worked. Based on the posts that I read, I then tried switching the game from Windows Mode, which I had been playing in before the Oct 13th patch, to Full Screen. I then logged out, switched the graphics card back to NVIDIA, started the game and it now works on the NIVDIA graphics but only in Full Screen Mode. Haven’t tried Fixed Screen Mode. Please fix this, I prefer playing in Windows Mode. Thanks, for the great game.

@House_Mate_9 Same for me. No tech support response at all this weekend.

Unfortunately the tech support side of CCP is very low staffed (or not staffed maybe) from my past experiences during weekends. :frowning: Which I do understand since the staff need a break too. But for us it means longer frustration - and is also silly that there is a big gap on weekends for a 24/7 online game without other people at CCP to take care of it.

However, I will say this about CCP - when it comes to ingame stuff, lost items, stuck in missions etc, they are quite quick.

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Since there are no response in the general feedback, reposting here as well.

Bastion Modules’ maximum lock targets bonus has been deleted on the latest patch, the change is not on the patch note.
Is this a silent nerf, or an unintended drawback?

Yeah, no refund but they can credit your account with more time to replace the days of no access.

If you have extensive experience with CCP tech support then get a better PC and stop wasting other people’s time.

Another ignorant response. People with latest intel/amd cpus and latest NV/AMD gpus having same problem…please STFU and dont reply with dumb responses

“extensive experience” means more than “this one issue”.

@Aisha_Katalen Did you read the title of the thread and the opening post by CCP?

This thread is for reporting problems with the update. Which is what I am doing:

“CCP Domanine: Please use this thread to monitor the known issues and report anything you believe might not be working as intended. Thanks.”

I don’t know where you get “extensive experience with CCP tech support” from. I never typed that.

I have had only 2 tech support tickets for crashes / not being able to log in - the previous update, and now this one.

Nice so free stuff for Linux gamers.

I’ll repeat, if you have “extensive experience” as you put it, you seem to have to contact them A LOT. There’s probably a good reason for that, outside this one known issue.

I’m will repeat my question, where do you get “extensive” from?

Right there. If you have “past experiences” with tech support then there’s probably a good reason for that.

Yes, I have had past experiences. Not extensive. I still don’t know where you pulled that word from.

I never said my past experiences was related to my computer - maybe that is what is causing your confusion by assuming.

I was merely saying that on weekends CCP has less staff, which I know because I have filed support tickets / bug reports about:
1 x Activity Tracker resetting. Lost of people in Eve had the same.
1 x Frequent disconnect after an update. Lots of of others had it too.
1 x Email newsletter not being sent.
1 x Drone bug.

Only the last 2 (two) was about crashes on my computer, as I stated in my previous post.

“The position of the windowed EVE client is now persisted. This was enabled by a larger refactoring of the window management system.”

Works, but only until the next downtime. After that it forgets the settings and throws the windowed game wherever on the screen.

indeed, update broke linux wine support via Lutris and Steam; Sadly we aren’t part of the cool kids as Linux is not officially supported. But I will not reinstall Windows just for playing the only MMO I currently play, which is EVE.

I wish they would do a tiny bit more or even support it, architecture isnt too far from Mac yet they get an official port.

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We are the cool kids. CCP has yet to catch up.

Web is being done, Mac native is done, Windows is done, the only other platform to get is Linux, we may be next. Mac native may hopefully pave the way for Linux native. There is no other platform to go to, end of the road. Wine is dead on Mac support now, that means from here on out Eve on wine is probably not hopeful going forward. Native or game over for Linux.

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@Zoiie Eve for Android? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I thought cool kids used tablets now - big flat button design. Hehe, just joking.