Version 19.09 - Known Issues


A new monthly deployment (Version 19.09) is now live. Please use this thread to monitor the known issues and report anything you believe might not be working as intended. Thanks!

Quick Info:

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Game Systems:

  • ESS Main and Reserve banks are appearing in systems other than Null security space (see comment). RESOLVED, 14 October.


  • NPCs are issuing sell orders instead of buy orders for Rogue Drone Infestation Data

Missions & NPCs:

  • Agency Escalations page does not load. RESOLVED, 13 October.
  • An issue was identified with NPC Forward Operating Bases & Shipyards; they have been temporarily disabled from 29 October until next week. RESOLVED 2 November


  • Refresh rate is lowered when multi-tasking back into a fullscreen game client. This is most noticeable on high refresh rate monitors (such as 120 or 144hz). This issue can also lead to increased delays at alt-tabbing. - Resolved, 15 October.
  • Maximizing the windowed client can lead to incorrect client resolutions and distorted fonts, especially after restarting the client and changing the available desktop size.
  • EVE Anywhere mouse input not properly registering, preventing from proceeding past the initial screen. - RESOLVED

User Interface:

  • On Portuguese keyboards, the ‘§’ key is not shown correctly when assigned as a shortcut and uses the incorrect character in text fields.
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Congrats on the native Mac client as default now.

Pretty much a bit meh otherwise.



  • The position of the windowed EVE client is now persisted. This was enabled by a larger refactoring of the window management system.
  • Improved the default client settings:
    • The default resolution is now determined together with the default graphical settings based on the GPU.
    • UI scaling is by default now determined based on the client resolution.
    • Anti-aliasing is disabled by default on 4k and above resolutions.

Why is it whenever you guys do this stuff, all my client settings are erased and my accounts are back to default mode?

I’m seriously getting tired of constantly having to reset and resize everything for each character on all my accounts.


  • Fixed an issue where a blinking light was not properly animating on the Kirin ship.

I guess that’s way more important than fixing all the bugs associated with the Market, bugs that I’ve posted about numerous times and have even listed in a Bug Report.

No Market Listing
(No option to place market buy/sell order)

Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers Cap
Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers T-Shirt
Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers Pants
Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers Suit

Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers Cap
Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers T-Shirt
Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers Pants
Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers Suit

No Market Listing
(Can place buy/sell order - item will show with market search option)

Men’s Biosecurity Response Team Mask
Men’s SoE Enhanced Biosecurity Mask

Women’s Biosecurity Response Team Mask
Women’s SoE Enhanced Biosecurity Mask

No Market Listing
(Can only place buy/sell order if item is in hangar - item won’t show with market search option)

Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles

Wrong Market Category
(Items will not be seen by prospective buyers browsing in correct category)

Men’s Imperial Stargate Crew Shoes
(Listed in: Apparel / Women’s Clothing / Footwear)

Women’s Sisters Of Eve Advanced Combat Suit
(Listed in: Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s Capsuleer Day XVII T-Shirt
(Listed in: Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Tops)


It now takes 5-10 seconds when I press Alt-Tab to change to another Omega account. :(((((

I have 6 omega accounts which I’m paying for where I Alt-Tab all the time where it was always instant, now it’s a 5-10 delay :((

I notice it’s also very laggy as if I’m playing remotely when I switch accounts.

I’m on Windows 10
Geforce 1070 (lastest Nvidia drivers)


If you have the taskbar on the side of the screen, client doesn’t maximize properly (image remains stuck). Moving the taskbar down seems to resolve the issue. EBR-224908

My Windows taskbar is at the bottom, not on the side.

Add “Steam proton no longer working as well” Now i have to go back to windows. :frowning:


I can’t even load up the launcher,
I get the CCP loading logo, no client pop up, the icon appears in my hidden taskbar but when i hover over it, it closes immediately. closest I’ve got is the launcher with a screen that says cannot determine launcher version for half a second before it closed.
Tried running as admin, reinstalling, rebooting PC and running different compatabilities.
Thanks CCP


I found a workaround, I have all my accounts in ‘windows mode’ now so it’s instant again when I Alt-Tab. I can’t play in ‘full-screen’ mode anymore. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Update: My graphic card is 10c hotter now, fan is going crazy. It’s usually runs at around 70c but now it’s just over 80c :frowning:

Update 2 : I change the graphics from all high to ‘optimise for performance,’ (low settings) which has reduced the temperature by 10c.

I pray this gets fixed ASAP.


Seems the launcher on Steam is BROKEN.
Start Steam
Open Eve
Launcher opens normally
Select a pinned account
“Starting game client for yor account”
Client does not start (after 10 minutes wait decided to post here)


Switching from desktop to Eve (Fullscreen) now seems to try to collapse my display, EVERY single time i changed to Eve an back. absolutely annoying.
mouse does not move anymore, instead ist is shitting shitting around as if it was lagging, this is absolutely unplayable for me, i want mouseclick to react WHERE i am, and not where i might be in a few seconds…
also colors seem washed out, why ?
game experience is massively impacted in a negative way!

also moving windows around, like market, seems to work as on a 2011 hardwarenot 2021.
Did you downgrade you hardware?


I confirm that proton does not work = (
in the launch log (
Formatted exception info: ImportError: DLL load failed)


It would’ve taken them 10 seconds of testing to not break it on steam but alas no


Might want to add “Using the new probe center on ship option places one of your probes on grid with your ship allowing it to show up on the overview”

Thats not how probe centring should actually work, atleast not according to how the probe widget appears in the UI


Mac version released. We need native linux version !


The patch notes state the skill is called ‘Mutated Drone Specialization’ but infact this is not the case.

Also, no market seeding.

You are correct. Thanks for bringing this up. I have now updated the patch notes to reflect the current name on Tranquility.

To be completely frank, we are going to change the name of that skill in one of the upcoming updates and got a little ahead of ourselves by using that name instead. I apologize for any confusion caused.

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PSA The Escalation page in the Agency is currently not loading for players. We are working on getting this fixed at the earliest convenience. Thanks a lot for everyone’s patience!


No problem.

Is there any word on how to get the skill? It’s not market seeded and buying directly from the skill list just brings up a buy order