Version 19.09 - Known Issues

Let me ask around and get back to you.


On Linux, the game stopped working :sob:


having the same issue on Lutris


The skill should be available for direct purchase. I tested it myself just now on a couple of accounts and it seems to be working. Can you please submit a bug report if that still does not work for you?

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In lowsec systems all functionality of ESS sudenly appeared (Main Bank, Reserve Bank). But without the ESS Beakon itself (see screenshot).

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Ah. I was doing it wrong. I was clicking the skill and selecting buy this type rather than not clicking the skill and clicking the red book.

Working as intended. Thanks

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I wonder if while responding to posters in your thread it might be possible for you to at least acknowledge that there might be an issue for Steam/Linux users?
Or do we simply not matter?


Hey boss, looks like the client is broken for Wine and Steam now. I’m guessing its to do with the “default graphics” changes. I know we don’t get any official love, but I was wondering if y’all could maybe throw us a bone here?


Font is distortedin windowed mode when maximizing window.

@CCP_Dopamine please respond

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Please don’t.
I switched to Linux Mint few weeks ago (I planned to do it for years). There is no way I am going to install that spying, snitching, add showing OS again.
If choice is Linux or EVE, Linux wins every time.


Regarding Wine and Linux;
unfortunately, we don’t officially support either of those platforms.

Regarding Steam;
this is working on our side. Could you try verifying your shared cache?
You can do this by opening the launcher settings (small cog in the top right) > Tools/Cache > Shared Cache > Verify

  • Improved the default client settings:
    • The default resolution is now determined together with the default graphical settings based on the GPU.
    • UI scaling is by default now determined based on the client resolution.
    • Anti-aliasing is disabled by default on 4k and above resolutions.

Please revert this crap ASAP as this ratios and fonts ARE KILLING EYES!!

Are you a new user or did you have existing game settings? The default client changes listed above only apply to new users (who don’t have existing settings data).

If you are having issues with resolution or UI scaling, please submit a bug report in-game (F12). Please attach screenshots, details about the issue, and your current graphics settings and we’ll investigate.

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Very disappointed you broke EVE for Linux/Steam. You most likely have more linux players then you do Mac…


Thing is, as they’ve said, they don’t support linux.

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When starting the client, it very briefly whitescren (maybe half a second) before it loads the black background. Very annoying imo, specially on a large monitor and starting several clients. It didn’t whitescreen before this version.

Set default window colour to black or set it to black before making the window visible, or whichever way there is to remove that annoying white flash.

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Fully aware it isn’t supported just dissapointed, I can’t play Eve anymore and I am not alone.

I’m hearing from someone that

Still works.

(There’s also eve anywhere, but that appears to be having problems at the moment too.)


hey there, so when i launch the game i get a white screen and that’s it …

I don’t know if this is just a Steam version issue…but the mechanism that prevents in-game email alerts or even Steam alerts seems to fail fairly often, resulting in one getting a black screen and having to Alt-Tab back into the game. None of my other games have this issue.