Version 19.04 - Known Issues

Hello there,

Another monthly update (Version 19.04) is live today! Please use this thread for reporting any issues found in this version of EVE Online. Thanks a bunch!

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User Interface:

  • The “Enable/Disable Light Background” option incorrectly appears on Chat tabs.
  • Chat windows can be empty or unresponsive.
  • Incorrect background image is shown in the Character Selection screen.
  • Solar System Map rotation buttons are overlapped by ship HUD.
  • Lock window functionality doesn’t persist for Fitting window once closed.
  • Probe/Directional Scanner windows are slightly misaligned when docked.

I cannot unlock windows. My overview and selected items are now transparent, which I definitely do not want at all. Pinning and unpinning used to removed that but this does not work anymore. Chats are also transparent but Active Ship hangar or scan results windows or dscan window is not transparent.


The Probe Scanner window is now docked to the right side of the Solar System map instead of the left side. Please let us choose or revert this change. This is in “floating mode”. The patch notes mentioned in full-window mode, nothing about floating mode.


у меня теперь игра не запускается

Some windows cannot be transparent anymore, is that on purpose ?

Edit : you need to right click it and “enabled light background”


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How to make chat and other windows non transparent?? There is no way to read stuff without bleeding your eyes out…

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see my post, you need to right click it => enabled light background


Okay, thank you for that. “Light background” in CCP’s terms is absolutely not what light background means normally.

Light background means making things brighter, not transparent. This wording needs to be changed to “remove transparency” to reflect what this option actually does.


Removed standing requirements from Pochven loop gates to increase accessibility to the region. The standing requirements for Home Systems remain the same.

Did CCP forget about their Help Desk article for Pochven? It still lists standing requirements.

WTF is wrong with CCP. Every f-ing window i have to disable the light on every f-ing toon. Cant move the probe scanner to where i had in on the scan window. Why is you twats have to f - - k with every setting ?


ясно понятно

з минуты не могу войти в игру

Closing a stack with several windows does not work anymore. I just tried to close a window stack with 4 windows. When I clicked the close X, it closed one window of the stack, I clicked again and another window closed. I clicked again and suddenly the remaining 2 windows closed at once.

Resetting the “Do you want to always close all tabs” dialog fixes it. However, as soon as you check the Don’t Show Again box, the same faulty behavior returns.

The daily campaign icon does not show the proper tooltip anymore when you minimized the HUD element. It used to show the full HUD element in the tooltip, now it only shows “Daily Campaign”.

All chat channels minimized when you go into planet mode while doing pi

I hate transparency. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Please make it go away!


Seriously CCP&PA , do I have to disable light background for each window in particular ?
Also , why are the windows transparent when my transparency is set to 0 for all of them from the transparency slider ?
Please fix this !



So I noticed that “Enable\Disable Light Background” does nothing if you try to use that option by clicking on specific chat channel tab. It only works when you click on chat window border.

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Local is not working. Does not shows people in system. All other channels went missing. Can’t rejoin them as well.