February 2020 Release - Known Issues


Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues.

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Known Issues: (Updated as of downtime 13th Feb)

User Interface:

  • Wormhole/Incursion effect icon not removed correctly after login in affected system
  • Mining Drone Blueprints have no item icon
  • Right Click menu “Make Boss” option is missing
  • Customs Offices are not appearing in the right-click menu
  • Entering extremely large numbers in the “Suppress if balance change under” wallet field will result in errors.
  • Clone status does not update while logged in
  • Stack All in containers does not work
  • HyperNet filtering occasionally fails to return matching offers
  • Contract prices are not maintained correctly when the contract is copied
  • Moving PLEX through the asset window to the PLEX Vault fails in most remote systems.
  • Pasting a number with the “ISK” suffix into a price field fails
  • Impossible to invite to fleet via right click
  • No options to warp fleet or wing to members
  • Redeeming window appears to be blank => the window is stacked with another window and needs to be unstacked by the player.
  • Selecting items in the inventory window by dragging is not selecting items correctly, if UI Scaling is not at 100%.
  • HyperNet blueprint offers are not filtered correctly
  • The option to ‘Resign as CEO’ appears in the right-click menu of directors.
  • Right-Click menu for Epic Arcs not showing
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Chats are still wonky. I just had 10 chat connection lost/reconnect notifications.

  • <color> and <fontsize> tags in Overview Tab Headers work after login, but after you change something in the overview settings, they don’t get rendered anymore and instead get displayed as raw text.

  • Every time you swich ammo (e.g. in a laser ship), the inventory icon shows you have 3 new items (the lenses that were in your guns before)


In the fleet window the right click menu selection “Make Boss” is missing.

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This has always been the case if you change those fields, what exactly where you changing in the overview settings (if you could enter a bug report that would be great)

Thanks for the feedback I dont think this is intentional, I’ve passed it onto the team.

Thankyou, passed this onto the team in question.

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Just some quick testing with the New Item UI stuff: moving Trit between my Fleet Hangar and cargohold triggers the icons, but moving some Decryptors between the holds does not.

Going the other way - from the cargohold to the fleet hangar - does not trigger the icons at all, it seems.

(Edit: Icons actually do trigger without the need to switch to the cargohold)

POCOs aren’t showing up when you right click in space and go to Planets tab

When you “Collapse All Wings” in the Fleet window, the Wing icons don’t change, but the Fleet icon does…


It seems that if you put items into your hangar, the items will auto-sort. This is really, really bad, since now you can’t rely on being able to access the new items at the end of the list without them being mixed with the old items.


This doesn’t seem to be the case for me

Dragging a box over stuff in an Inventory window is not selecting everything in the box, things on the right only seem to get selected when the box is dragged to the far right of the screen

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Although, the New Item icons are incredibly inconsistent - moving items into a Container doesn’t trigger it, though assembling said container does. Some items simply don’t trigger it. Adding items to an existing stack (i.e., buying stuff on the market you already have a stack of) does not trigger it.


I’m also not getting any audio notification from the New Item system - which Advanced Audio Setting is this under?

Why do we need now a Rorqual and excavators? is it a joke to the ore nerfs? grafik 3456m³ in a spodumain rock? a hulk mine this in 1 minute… maybe you could warn us, that you plan to remove the rorqual, so we would not inject this useless ship now.


Why are you replying to me? And why are you posting this in the Known Issues thread? This should be in the General Feedback thread.

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stack all does nothing. at least it does not work in corp hangar but in ship cargo.
Also right click on planet in planetary production missing access customs office.


Stack All works for me in the Item hangar, Fleet Hangars, and Cargoholds, but does not work in containers

@CCP_Lebowski pls check the null ore Nerf. Somebody ■■■■■■ up the zeros:
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Encountered a bug with selecting items:

Putting a box over the items in inventory does not select all

Also, there is still some latency issues in abyssal pvp room, making it possible to enter the arena AFTER the timer on the can has ended or up to 1 minute delay for the container to open when the timer hits 0.

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