November Release - Known Issues and Feedback (Mac)

Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues.

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Additional Release Information:

The November release sees more updates from Team Talos with a reworking of the Micro Jump Field Generator and changes to the Bosonic Field Generator, Ansiblex Jump Gate, Tenebrex Cyno Jammer and more.

We’re excited to add Korean localization to the client alongside localization of the New Eden Store for our supported languages.

Updates to the new player experience make it easier for new capsuleers to get a better understanding of the importance of ISK and looting. The skill requirements for Tech 1 light drones has been reduced to make them more quickly accessible to new capsuleers.

The user interface sees some love with updates to the default window sizes for new users as well as the addition of a ‘One Way Move’ warning prompt when moving items to a corporation owned container.

All of the above alongside a number of defect fixes related to gameplay, fittings, graphics, the UI and more. Check out the full patch notes for details.


Known Issues:

This is the placeholder for any issues, should they arise.

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The minimum width of local is larger for some reason. I’ve heard it’s a bug, but just in case it is a feature, please note that it is very annoying considering how valuable screen real estate is.

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New issue:

Corporation members are unable to use BPOs from a corporate hangars that they have been given query permission but not take permission. This was working perfectly fine prior to todays pach allowing the corporations to offer a “safe” way to offer BPOS for member copying.

Trying to use the BPO in a query hangar results in an error:
“You have been denied access for the following reason: You require take access to open the container requested.”

BPOS are not in a container but directly under the hangar.

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As well as local being wider, other chat channels are also taller when stacked along the the bottom. This is annoying when you have multi channels open. Please reduce the minimum size for each box.

And again like on every single update this year problems with Mac/Wine Client.

Still having the crash on startup issue, cant login to any of my accounts. Still can't login to client

The last couple days i have noticed an issue with not being able to stack all items from inside a container.
If you drag items out of a container to your hangar and drag it onto certain items (mostly blueprints ive found) it will not perform the drag and drop.
The search assets will not find items that are currently inside a secure container.
i hope this is where im supposed to query/report such things.
Many thanks.

So us old timers that had to grind a few extra skill points should have been given the extra skill points back. Bonus for the newb’s penalty for the old timers. Sounds petty but toss a bone to the people that keep the servers up and running.

Can you let me know which mac computers are you using to play the game? I’m on a Mac Mini 2018 and it’s burning with the game on 90ºC.

It appears my Mac client is forgetting my graphics settings. I have to set window size and and UI scaling each time. I log in . Very annoying as the windows move around if I forget to set the scaling.