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The November release sees more updates from Team Talos with a reworking of the Micro Jump Field Generator and changes to the Bosonic Field Generator, Ansiblex Jump Gate, Tenebrex Cyno Jammer and more.

We’re excited to add Korean localization to the client alongside localization of the New Eden Store for our supported languages.

Updates to the new player experience make it easier for new capsuleers to get a better understanding of the importance of ISK and looting. The skill requirements for Tech 1 light drones has been reduced to make them more quickly accessible to new capsuleers.

The user interface sees some love with updates to the default window sizes for new users as well as the addition of a ‘One Way Move’ warning prompt when moving items to a corporation owned container.

All of the above alongside a number of defect fixes related to gameplay, fittings, graphics, the UI and more. Check out the full patch notes for details.


Just MJD changes and nothing more interesting for a veteran players. Sadly. Anyway thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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Why the change to minimum bounties?

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A corpie told me that you added the Venture to the list of ships that can use industrial cynos, but that appears neither in the patch notes, nor does the Venture (even fit for max cargo) have enough cargo space to hold the ozone for a single cyno cycle.
Did that get dropped? Did I hallucinate this? Am I having a stroke right now??


What is the reasoning behind the change from railguns to blasters in tutorial? Is the concept of tracking and keeping at range too hard for new players? How much do you think they will enjoy having to constantly burn to get in point-blank range of the next target before they can shoot?


I HATE that local chat window now requires more screen real estate. Why did you do this ccp? I already have a hard time actually seeing the game behind the myriad of different in game windows that are necessary to play the game. Why make it worse? Is your goal to hide the actual graphics of Eve?


Hi Oradric.
The issue you’re experiencing with being unable to shrink chat windows as far as you could previously is caused by a bug and we will be deploying a fix in the coming days. Sorry about the inconvenience.


Ah, okay. Thank you for the reply.



Why change the chat at all making it wider?

Everyone was already able to make it wider but not smaller.

Now I can hardly see anything when in space on my laptop screen.

Make it adjustable or back to smaller please.

When you have the inventory window with a chat window it is wide and unadjustable but when removing the chat window then inventory window can be adjusted to be smaller.

Is there not a bug in that?

With kind regards,


The minimum increment for placing bounties on individual characters has been increased from 100,000 ISK to 1 million ISK

That is 1000% increase! Going good pairing with that big red WANTED sign, for showing you care about someone. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

8008135 ISK is most capsuleers favorite amount it seems.


When can i test stuff on Sisi again? Been in VIP for 3+ days now :expressionless:


While you guys are at it, how about an option that removes the minimum size restriction entirely? Though if it’s a bug it’s probably not as easy as just changing a couple of values (something something legacy code), but I always felt like pre-bugged local took up too much space.


thx as this gave me an ocd i didnt know i had lol was raging hard until i saw this. able to making them smaller would be even better :wink:


Why do you want the chat window to take up more screen space? Do you really want to become a large online chat room? Stupid changes.
It is recommended to cancel the setting of the chat window minimum.


Calm down it’s a bug. Be fixed in a day or 2


Imagine if alongside this bug they also accidentally re-introduced blackout but this time in all of New Eden, minimum huge size empty chat window. :joy:


It is in the original patch notes, and Rise said on reddit that it will be fixed for Thursday.

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Can you please revert the selected item window, or at least put in an option so I can have it back to the correct, smaller size and not have it resize itself every time I undock?

I do everything through the radial menu, so this taking up more screen space is 100% negative for me.

Even worse when it springs out it goes right, which makes it cover up the local users liust. I’ve twice not seen reds in local because of this change already.

Please revert, fix, add an option not to use it, whatever makes it go away and stop messing with my game.


Thanks for reporting this, what you are describing is a bug and should be resolved in the next couple of days.