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The October release brings a host of light balance changes, including tweaks to the Damavik based on community feedback, as well as changes to nullification on combat interceptors, and the introduction of the new Zero-Point mass entangler module.

In addition to this, the October release brings a number of visual fixes and improvements, as well as some changes that should increase performance, including the removal of area of effect damage when a titan class hull is destroyed.

This release also brings substantial changes to ECM mechanics that will allow for more varied counter play and retaliation against pilots using ECM.


When are you gonna buff the widow? Its beyond useless now that fighters can lock it back.


“Feedback” - yeah right.

You had plenty of feedback in the other thread when these changes were announced and completely ignored almost all of it, especially when it proved your proposed changes (and the reasons for them) were BS so why even bother pretending that you give a **** what we think ?


Yet another patch to help Player NS keep their super (pun intended) safe space, even safer.
Interceptors nerfed as nullified.

Also, “you jammed me but I can still lock and shoot you lolololol”.
Does that apply to NPC ECM too?

Can someone explain the use of the Zero-Point Mass Entangler module to me?


In the Dev Blog about the October balance pass was mentioned that “ECM ships will get some small buffs to fitting and tank with this release to help them survive against return fire.”

Will this be in a later iteration of the patch and will there be any news at Eve Vegas about your plans for these ships?


I’m gunna need a bigger bucket…


WH corps use heavy dictors to “roll” (collapse) unwanted wormholes. With the changes to the heavy dictor (to prevent 500mn dictor shenanigans) the original module lost the ability for the massive mass reduction needed for this.

After many tears, they introduced this module for them that reproduces this effect (and nothing else).

Not unhappy about the combat IC changes. Bubble campes are not that much of a problem anymore since the bubbles decay after a while. Nullification on a ship that is nearly uncatchable (outruns everything, to agile for long points and bubble immune) and does some decent damage for it’s size was just to op.



(evry faction got its boness…you shold adress it SPECIFIC to ships hull…not genrlise it to all the race)

the tengu got super nerfed wile the other t3c keepin their boness web/scram/nut out of the loki/proth/legion)

scorpion/widow are redundant
slicky astero…is done

so yea…lets all join blue donat…for some reson all last patches worked for them…

i guss that what heppend when 3/4 csm are goonies



“Feedback” they say… humbug i say!

There was plenty of feedback in the announcment of this patch and now you want to hear it a second time on what you failed to solve? How about we get some feedback to ALL of our feedback and not just bits and pieces that is just convenient to listen to? “oooh wormholers we hear ya, taaaake our token to remind you how we dont like youuu”.


Clawfleets were the only non-covert subcaps effective in Delve. Now they’re gone.


New Eden map 2019


if you look at that donat for 30 sec and then look at the wall…you can see the Mitany


Again, Goon Swarm F1 monkeys can’t figure out how to counter anything so CCP goes right to there knees. Disband the Goon Swarm council before they destroy EVE!


Forgive me if I am a bit dense here or if I missed the info. About ECM drones and the ship being jammed always being able to get a lock, does that effectively kill the ability to use ECM drones in 1 vs 1 fights? The situation I have in mind is, for example, an exploration astero trying to break free from a combat one.

If you get jammed by a ECM drone, you’ll only be able to target the drones, not the controling ship. So it’s still a “gtfo” tool.


I would like to repeat my earlier feedback that this change won’t stop the Damavik from being bad. It needed a buff, not a sidegrade. It’ll likely be a little better than before, but losing a lowslot still hurts a lot, especially given that it was already chronically short on fitting and you’ll probably be replacing a low-fitting module like an adaptive nano membrane with a much higher fitting one like a capacitor booster or web. Just straight up give it the mid without touching the low. (e: This is especially annoying as the Damavik currently already has one less total slot than other frigates, compared to the Vedmak which does not have less slots than other cruisers. There’s no reason it needs to continue having less slots when it obviously needs a buff.)

Second, as I previously stated, removing nullification from combat ceptors is a welcome change for overall balance, but they really need some kind of counterbalancing buff to compensate. Without nullification, the Claw, Taranis, Crusader, and Raptor have suddenly gone from having a unique niche to having almost no reason to exist as everything they do is done better by assault frigates and pirate frigates. Obviously you’re the ones with the usage metrics, not me, but I would not be surprised at all if they suddenly become almost completely unused. Now’s the time to start thinking about what sort of new niche they can be bonused for, as right now they’re just dead ships.


ECM nerf has hit Caldari hulls too heavily. The buffs to ECM ships should be increased, since they are still more or less glass “guns”, with a lot of the “firepower” removed.
Also ECM is offensive as well as defensive, so a large boost in overall effectiveness of the hulls is required to balance it. yet only a token stat boost was granted.

Also…what is ECCM for? Taking away the effectiveness of ECM without nerfing ECCM makes no sense.


A number of things. It reduces the effectiveness of ECM and Sensor Dampeners (both scripts).

In the blog where the guy said ECM had no counter and he would just have to sit and wait to die.

That was another carebear statement. The fact is he forgot to fit the counter.