ECM is dead. Sell now

ECM is now officially dead. Who is gong to use it? ECM is the new FOF/Defender missile… Completely worthless.

ECM is now the “Hey, shoot me, I have no tank and your overview is marking me for death” skillset.

Well done CCP. Your ability to out-do your previous idiocies has yet again been underestimated.


Amen, sell your falcons now while you can! X.x

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Posts by people who haven’t been perma jammed by ec-300s


Every cycle has an excellent chance of failing.

Posts by people who believe they are elite pvpers who really just want easier kills…


See that’s the thing it’s chance. The unlucky feel especially shitty and the lucky don’t mind. ECM will still have a ton of use. Breaking a lock for 20 seconds from a drone is still extremely strong even if you can blow it up.

I thiink ec 300 will mainly work as a tackle break for explorers against solo hunters. That is like it used to be. Now a bunch of those drones can be dispatched easily by ecmed ship. One shot and they are dead. Too slow for a hunter to reapply tackle to fleeing explorer tho.

Yeah… because now you can kill ships fit with ECM even easier… makes sense.

Tell you what, why don’t you invest in ECM long-term and let’s see the value of your stash in 1 year. lol

Hahaha, good one, I almost bought a Rook the other day, thank goodness I did not, lucky.

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So what if 2 Falcons are ECMing the same ship… Does the 1 Falcon’s ECM cover the other, do they cover each other, or are they both irrelevant??

Genuinely hate agreeing with this poster… but yeah, ECM is totally dead if that so-called pass goes through.


Every ship in the game should be based on a 1 vs. 1 possibility. This is taking an entire niche/class out of solo and making it a LARGE FLEET ONLY utility… a very vulnerable one at that.

Are we going to divide the entire ship tree this way?

Lol investing shouldn’t be guaranteed anyways. If you’re talking about sp I have that and everything else to V anyways.

I can sell you some Extractors… very special price, just for you.

Also, you just reinforced the absurdity of this ‘rebalance’. All those skills to V. Yet, if you targeted and landed a full rack of ECM, you’d still die. LOLOLOL!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

They might as well add a massive sig-radius penalty for each active ECM mod, like an MWD. This change does nothing but eliminate an entire line of ships/mods.

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That will not happen here. It is more feasible to do such thing in games with less scalable encounters. Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, those kinds of games are more suited to those kinds of encounters. Here its fleet doctrines, scisors paper rock, and such… rts mechanics.


You missed the point. The idea being that at the very least, in a 1v1 encounter any ship, ESPECIALLY ONE WITH A VERY SPECIFIC PURPOSE ie ECM, should be able to use it’s modules to the fullest effect possible based on ship size, resists, dmg type etc… to defend itself.

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First casualty I thought of was the Widow.

Sure it has a purpose jamming fighters, but honestly, that’s what falcons are for. Widow ECM tank is now dead.


mini jump freighter. very useful.

Don’t forget you can bridge fit it… :frowning:


The auto-tagging module for enemy fleets.

Thanks CCP! :blush:

On the plus side… they do say that they’ll make small adjustments to tank. Maybe ECM boats will look more like Rooks? Hopefully with slightly more reliable jams, but the tank and spank of the Rook has always been something I loved about it.

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