Question: Do you want ECM Back?

So here is my question. How do you feel about ECM being de-nerfed?

It got nerfed pretty much into extinction after years of causing many players infuriation at not only being ganged up on but also being made to be totally unable to even feel the satisfaction of going down shooting.

This has left a few ECM-focused ships pretty out of even sharing the same ballpark as the Meta.
So my question is do you want it back? If not is it time CCP Rebalanced/reworked ECM/ECM ships for more favorable roles? Maybe something where ECM is a kinda friendly assist against being called primary. causing random unlocks the more ships lock onto it. (really just a brain fart idea that one).

ECM as it is works well in a group setting.

I don’t think it should come back to make ships completely inneffective in a 1v1 situation, there was a good reason it was nerfed to this point where players can still be jammed but now have the means to shoot at whoever is jamming them. This means that ECM is still effective: you’re basically ‘taunting’ those players to shoot you, rather than the ship they would want to shoot for maximum effectiveness. Or if you manage to jam enemy logi, you’re not only completely disabling them, but they also cannot shoot you to fight back!

ECM is fine, just use it in the right situations.


I wish it would also work in solo situations, to some degree reducing effectiveness of enemy ship, because when it jams, it just dont work in 1vs1, as the enemy can still shoot you.

Maybe give it some additional permanent effect when activated on enemy ship, like on other modules, a bit from everything, from dampeners, from tracking disruptors, missile disruptors etc. Generally it will be more usefull, just not focused and not working with scripts. I think it needs it.

Or maybe switching off booster and implant effects on enemy ship when activated? Jamming the capsule connection with ship systems.

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ECM bursts and ECM drones do work in solo situations.

But I do like the idea of an additional effect for in 1v1 situations.

What if a succesful ECM jam also slightly reduces damage you take from the target for the duration of the jam? Then you would not only be able to use ECM to force one enemy to shoot at you, you would also get a little extra survivability when he does shoot you.

Were you around for the time when everyone had multiple ECMs fitted to every ship? It was literally a warp disruptor and a rack of ECM, even on shield-tanked ships. Solo fights effectively didn’t exist because it was possible to escape nearly 100% of the time. It was so bad, that players adapted by skipping the warp tackle and just bump-tackled bigger ships. Is that what you want to go back to? Because the last thing this game needs is even fewer ways to be able to kill other players, with all of the avoidance measures already available.

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ratting carriers being hot-dropped and having their fighters jammed was the reason . cuz null-sec csm …
of all the fixes to ecm proposed over the years , being able to lock back the jamming ship was one i’d never seen proposed , as it’s so ridiculous .

1 v 1 in an ecm ship wasn’t really an issue ; RNG and lack of mid-slots to fit tackle , tank and ecm made it problematic . the navy griffin was implemented to fill this niche , but never really made it off the ground before the nerf .

@Destiny_Corrupted don’t think such a time existed except in your imagination . unless you mean very long ago , when scorpions were the go-to for pirating …

glad this was mentioned as i had no idea and only ever used my scorpion for ECM way back in the day and it was very good at what it did but it now sounds like its getting parked in the same bay as my rorqal drednaught and jump freighter never to see the light of day again

I agree with this.

As it is now, ECM modules (apart from the ECM burst) are a tool to use in combat. Not a tool to break out of combat.

With nullification modules, warp core stabilizers, ECM bursts and ECM drones, we already have plenty of tools to break out of being tackled (in addition to the indirect measures such as neuting out the enemy ship, killing it, webbing it and burning out of range, MJDing out of range, taking a gate… etc).

If ECM modules would function in a 1v1 setting I would feel encouraged to fit the mid slots of my haulers with a rack of overheated ECM modules (it’s not like extra EHP will do much to save you in null, it just prolongs your death a little) and I don’t think that is the kind of gameplay I wish to see.

You can with ECM drones

Nullification is only for industry ships and ceptors, so not a lot of ships will use those. WCS brings heavy odds for fitting them, i doubt a solo player will fit those for combat. So yes i agree.

I used to fly ECM ventures just for lol-kills against more powerful ships.

Those were the days. :slight_smile:

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it works
Griffin Navy Issue is a bad MOFO

sry i forgot we can still shot (solo) , my mind was confused about it because it works like a kiting frig
and have nice solo kills on zkill
and i see in LS
maybe the drone stuff @Gerard_Amatin talked about, but i really don’t understand ecm drones well to say

i almost lost a succubus(aka the most expensive frig i ever use ) to one

ECM drones work just like ECM ships I think: that means if a drone jams you, you can only shoot the source of the ECM jam back, which in this case is the drone.

So if you want other ships to lose their lock on your ship, use ECM drones and hope they land a jam.

ECM drones are low hp but they indeed take the fire and target off your ship for a moment if they jam, but you have to get the drone bay and ECM drones.
Some ships dont have drone bay, but almost all have middle slot. That is the reason why upgraded ECM module in my post.

Yes, but I don’t think ‘all ships’ should be using ECM as some kind of defence mechanism.

I don’t think ECM should be a mechanism to get your own ship out of a fight at all, but should be an offensive EWAR action like it is now. I don’t see the need for additional tools to avoid fights at a random roll. And if you’re looking for such a tool, why not use the ECM burst modules?

ECM modules as they are now are fine.

The way it makes it a limited usage. The way I think is to make it more usable on more fits. Making it more popular.

Please read my first post in the thread again to see that I dont want the old ECM. I want more ECM.

I did read it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

You’re saying that instead of jamming, ECM should do 'a bit from everything’ on the jammed ship.

A bit of everything is mostly just nothing. EVE is about specialisation. If you have a module that doesn’t only do

  • Jamming

But also does:

  • sensor targeting range reduction
  • sensor targeting speed reduction
  • weaopn tracking speed reduction
  • weapon tracking range reduction
  • missile explosion speed reduction
  • missile explosion size increase
  • etc

All with a minimal effect, don’t you think it is adding a whole lot of complexity for essentially nothing?

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It is adding a lot of small effects that can change a lot.

I see also the option to block implants and booster effects on ship as alternative. Then it could work the same way, but maybe even be more powerfull as in making fits unusable and switching random modules off then PG is not enough. That could become a risky thing to bling out your capsule, which would make the skills more important.

Blocking implants - any time you fight a titan someone in a griffin can come to turn off the titan pod worth billions.

I’m not really sure that’s a good idea either.

Well, as I wrote, risky thing. Making titans less powerfull also.