Issues with the new ECM changes in regards to logi ships

Was discussing with my corp mates possible conclusions of the ecm change and one thing we realized is that ecm can be used by logi ships to prevent logi ships from losing their cap chains if ships can still lock ships that are causing the ecm effect. If thats the case logi wings can fit really weak ecms to ensure that they never lose cap chain with each other and can keep each other alive.

Would be a terrible use of slots better suited to tanking, mobility, or other utility like the ECCM module. The CSM may want to pretend that module doesn’t exist, but it does and it’s very effective. You’d also be purposefully keeping yourself open to being jammed by the enemy, which doesn’t help you target and assist allies.

Besides, practically it can’t work since the instant a jam hits, you can’t target anyone but your jammer. You can secure your cap chain but you can’t rep your combat ships, making this consequence basically useless.


If logi A jams logi B
If logi B jams logi A

DPS ship C can still lock them both.

Also, now they are jammed they can only lock each other and their fleet dies. May as well not had logi at all.

And if all ships in fleet have a jammer fitted and use it on the logi ship? The whole concept is deeply retarded, really

Then they aren’t killing the enemy, are still playing lottery that they’ll get a jam continuously (they won’t).

It would be idiotic to do. So many wasted mids.

I look forward to seeing this fleet comp on your killboards

The red side most likely

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