New ECM assitance module

So, in regards to incoming ECM changes (the Jamming player can always be locked back). I propose a new Module for ECM ships. (No, I haven’t thought it through completely yet)

The idea is somewhat like a Bastion module, but ewar ship specific. And obviously with a few key differences.
Remove the ECM Bonuses from the ECM Ships completely, and roll the Ewar bonuses over to the module itself, and have the Role Bonus of the ships allow fitment of the Bastion type module.

Let’s give it the temporary name of Electronics Warfare Amplification Regulator (This name needs work)

With the Module Active. (Figures are examples)
Gain 100% Strength to all ECM Modules (or whatever lines it up with current ECM strength)
Gain 10% MWD or AB Speed per level (Dunno what skill level, maybe a skill for the module itself)
Gain 50% Reduction in MWD Signature Radius Penalty
Gain 30% Shield, Armour and Structure Resist.
Can not Receive remote assistance while active.
60 Second Cycle time.

Let’s discuss the balance of such a hypothetical module. You can still use ECM without it active, but the strength will be low.


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OMG, I hadn’t had a chance to read that blog, are Fing kidding me?

i like some aspects of it. But the ability to tank so much in i.e. solo-pvp is very unbalanced.

One could just move ECM modules to Highslot and be done with it.
(competing against dps-output. not against tank.)
Spares devtime to look at other pressing matters like changes to HICs. (no mass reduction from bubbles)

I’m not at all opposed to moving ECM to high slots.

My chief complaint with ECM boats has been that you can’t fit tank, nor can you rely on your jams to tank them. Your jam misses, you’re ■■■■■■. Someone else decides to lock you, you’re ■■■■■■ (and when is ECM not primary?). In general, you’re ■■■■■■ as an ECM boat.

The only time you aren’t ■■■■■■ is when you’ve got your falcon alt 80km away jamming them while you keep them tackled and unable to engage.

By making them highslot modules, you can fit tank in your mids and SDAs in your lows in place of (or mixed with) damage mods.

As for the OP… -1. Doesn’t feel fun, doesn’t feel balanced (they’d get super tanky and active tanks are a thing… imagine a griffin with a speed boost and a sig bloom reduction if you want to see sig tanking in action), doesn’t feel like it fixes the chief complaints with ECM.

I get where you’re coming from, but it’d be a task fitting active tank and ecm on the same boat. Armour tanking will gimp ecm strength too.

High slot ecm idea is interesting also, but then you really can fit full tank.

I’d like to see ECM be much more sophisticated or tricky. Sitting out of range of everybody and clicking the ECM module is a little tacky. Guess we’ll have to see with what balancing they come up with

maybe EWAR ships get a bonus to oversized AB, while reducing the Midslots to a normal level. That would be a nice unexpected twist.
(they would need to add a 1000MN afterburner for the scorpion and rebalance the nighmare though)

lol CCP makes ECM completely and totally useless in any actual combat situations (there is now always a better option) and your solution to help with that is to make the issue even worse?

this is the mentality of people who don’t know how to use ECM.

ecm requires much more pilot action and skill than any other E-war in the game currently as its not simply sit at range and activate on the target FC tells you. on top of that you have to actively understand and implement RNG manipulation.

CCP themselfs have stated that their current balance pass will not fix any of the actual issues with ecm. i’m not sure why after repeatedly pointing out the issues with this approach they have now decided to implement it but it doesn’t really matter since the only situations this actually effects are ecm drones (thank god but still not enough) and areas where damps are simply a better choice.

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You think ECM requires more skill than other ewar? Lol. I know you’re just trolling now.

Needs more Variety.

lets see damps you activate all that you can and use res or range depending on situation. so simple its the most common job given to brand new players.


you must first decide what ECM to bring using your fleet comp and your desired target window. Then once the fight starts you must use the fewest Jams you can and identify jam priorities based on threat jam likelihood and the jams you have.

with ECM you have to know how to implement RNG manipulation not just understand the basics of your mod and activate them when and where your FC says

Not once, since 2009, have I seen anyone do anything other than fit the correct racial jammers, and Cycle them on the right target, and overheat when needed.

Maybe you should make a Tutorial on youtube eh.

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