[IDEA] EWAR rework

Problem statement

Current state of EWAR is a bit of a weird field of super overwhelming to absolute dogshit. This idea takes a look at the 2 which I think are currently problematic:

  • ECM (aka jamming)
  • Sensor Dampening (the one that could use some love)

The others all have their place in small gang, to large fleet setups. With EWAR there is often a theoretical potential that is often achieved in small gangs, but is close to impossible to duplicate on large scale.

Example of that is that 50 eagles get hard countered by 50 crucifiers, if they manage to all pick 1 target and have no overlap. Another example is often how prevalent EWAR is in the hands of highly skilled pilots with a massive amount of communication, think about the recent Anger Games tournament where both curse and blackbird are a favorite banned ship.

Secondly, I want to discuss the current polarization of EWAR. With every EWAR, there is a degree to which it is applied: a tracking disruptor eats up a certain % of your optimal and falloff range. A sensor damper takes away a certain amount of scan resolutation. All but one, ECM either does absolutely nothing, or stops you from playing the game.

Sure one can argue that over a certain span of time, ECM will equal out with the others, but this is a game of moments of opportunity. 1 random jam from your ec-300 drone, and you lose lock and your juicy target is out.

So let’s have a look a the two problem children and my suggestions for them.

Electronic Counter Measures, ECM

This is the polarized one, and the one that I think deserves a rework the most.

Currently the formula is the following: chance to jam = ECM strength of the jam / Sensor strength.

My suggestion is to get rid of this mechanic all together. Instead the following would apply:

Increase in cap recharge duration = ECM Strength / Sensor Strength

with normal stacking penalties applying.

So what does this mean: no more having your target warp out because of ECM, it is now no longer a black & white mechanic, and it’s still a great tool to be used against enemy logistics, however, they are less effected by it since they have a greater sensor strength.

The effect can be countered in a few ways:

  • Shoot the person applying this to you
  • Run cap chains which counter this effectively since these modules are unaffected by cap recharge rates
  • Run ECCM script, thus increasing your sensor strength and thus reducing the effect of this EWAR
  • Fit more capacitor modules
  • Manage your capacitor better (aka use less active modules)

Pretty straightforward solution, increases the total time it takes for your capacitor to recharge, thus reducing your energy / second.

Sensor dampening

This one would have a very simple addition to it:

Drone control disruption script

, reducing the control range of ship if applied.

Default sensor dampening, unscripted would apply the following debuffs:

  • Maximum targeting range reduction: 13,7%
  • Scan resolution reduction: 13,7%
  • Drone control range reduction: 13,7%

Load a script to double a specific type of disruption. Furthermore, make sure that drone ranges are checked. Once they go outside their control range, they just swap to a target within control range if aggressive or return to the original ship if passive.

Final thoughts

Triple the effectiveness of EWAR drones, double their volume, this can actually make ewar drones somewhat useful and not end up being horrible due to their stacking penalties on the 4th and 5th drone.

Burst jam and target lockbreaker bombs would remain untouched, unless you really want to do something with them, but I feel neither are really a problem in their current iteration and have very limited use-cases.

I know EWAR was changed in 2018 to allow you always to target the original target, but that’s just useless against EC-300s, nobody has time to deal with that 5 second jam and defang all those drones in an instant while the target warps off.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk, please discuss below.

We already have capacitor EWAR we dont need to redue ECM, as it is ECM is in an ok position, not going to say its great but we dont need to completely rework it to something else.

Sensor damps are very powerful when used properly to a point it can cripple virtually any ship, certain ships bonused for sensor damps are also bonused for warp disruption range as well, its not hard to disrupt them at 60+ which is base drone control range with max skills and damp them so they cannot target you.

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