An Idea to balance Ewar for Solo and Fleet so that it doesn't become overpowered for either one like currently

Hi so Ewar has been apart of Eve Online for as long as I can remember and is a vital part in fleet warfare but from my experience it has a detrimental effect on solo pvp becuase that solo pilot spends most of his fight watching while his jammed out ship dies over the next few minutes xD I’m sure a few know what I am talking about and I’m sure no one finds this situation the most fun part of Eve online :].

The idea would be that once Ewar is used on the players ship each following cycle has a reduced effect, so that Ewar becomes a burst control effect that gives a window of opportunity for something to happen. The enemy fleet is holding rep’s? Sensor damp burst them for the first few seconds its extremely powerful that logi pilot cannot lock passed 20km the next cycle 40km the next 60 so on, numbers can always be balanced so what I’m proposing is the mechanic with a slightly stronger initial effect with a strong fall off over time, imagin flying solo pvp and that inevitable falcon uncloaks while your fighting your target, now instead of going to make coffee you might only have the time to go get a quick rusk while the first and 2nd cycle jam you out but the 3rd has now lost a lot of strength and you can finally carry on the fight, they will have had an advantage because of the jams but now you are not completely useless and can finally fight back.

In my opinion this type of mechanic change for Ewar will still have its use in fleet’s, but players will have to be a little more strategic with their ewar timing, and use it to create windows of opportunities.

Thanks for reading this wall of text and I hope i’m not the only one that finds being perma jammed a lot of fun during fights :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not a horrible idea.

You are talking about all e-war, including target painters and weapon disruptors? Or just ECM?

Hmm I wouldn’t include target painter as it isn’t very strong atm, I think the ewar that would need it the most is tracking disruptors and ECM, as those are able to hard counter very easily, sensor boosters to a lesser degree.

ha no, jams should stay because even in the realworld if you get in the range of my jammer and I focus power on you your jammed unless you change your sensor type or over power it.

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I don’t see how the player can alter their own sensor type as sensor type is locked to their ship also I don’t see a combat technique to get out of jam once your scram webbed and perma-jammed there is no play style available to get out of the situation meaning that the fight does not involve skill anymore and skill based combat is what makes eve so unique and great compared to every other mmo anything that takes that away in my opinion is bad for eve.

Also comparing to real world doesn’t enhance the game in real world you can shoot someone in the head killing them instantly no matter how strong they are, I don’t think 1 shooting anything in game with a single gun is good for the game just because it happens in the real world :]

It sounds like you want to counter dedicated E-war by not bringing e-war or support? If this is implemented you are gonna have to make e-war ships tanky and have more dps as they would be just bad dps ships if you put diminishing return mechanics into e-w … I prolly am understanding it wrong… but from what is see you want wow cc reduction after a certain amount of cc?

I have never played wow so not really familiar with it, but I feel that Ewar should alter the way your enemy behave’s which gives you more control over the battle field but should not make them completely useless for the duration of the fight.

Maybe having it fall off completely might make them too weak so maybe something like first cycle 160% current effectiveness -30% effectiveness every cycle until it gets to 70% effectiveness and stays at that effectiveness. Once you place ewar on that target for the next 5minutes he has resistance to ewar effects limiting all effects to 70% effectiveness. You can how ever swap to the next target at this point and that next target starts from 160% again.

Effect for solo:
If a solo falcon lands on you this will have the effect of being jammed for the first few cycles and then being fine afterwards to carry on.

Effect for fleets:
Ewar pilots will be stronger if they are on point and swaping with good timing to priority targets but if they get lazy they will be partially effective.

An alternative solution could be that sensor strength could act as a reduction to all ewar effect’s, giving more meaning to fitting eccm on a ship as it will be more useful than only countering ecm that you may not even encounter.

If your damage doesn’t drop during the engagement then the e-war should not either. After all your just hitting them with the same damage type over and over wouldn’t they compensate the same way your ship is compensating to the e-war? It almost like reverse overheating or overheating as we know things irl that cause performance degradation from overuse.

The game has some counters to ecm already. Sebos are one of them. Some things do not get module counters. Webs are one of those type, however batteries weaken the effects of cap-war for example.

How many sebo’s do you need on a frig to not be perma jammed by a ecm ship thou 2-3? I don’t really know any frig/desi that can dedicate more than 1 slot to something like that without being completely gimpt

E-war ships are one trick ponies as well. How long will a ecm ship with an ecm and not a lolbait fit last last against a dps ship of its own size class? They are force multipliers they just don’t normally roll out all by themselves. And as far as small gang goes if you run into a bigger gang unless there is a large doctrinal or skill imbalance the larger one is going to win. So if its 6 thoraxes and a blackbird or 7 thoraxes and your webbed and scramed your just as dead.
FOF missiles and drones kill stuff through ecm jams.

Yea but even 1 v 10 its possible to kill 1 ship worth more than yours before dying and its OP success ecm just kills all the fun out of it:

I’m more talking about ecm alts than a big gang thou, as the I win button.

I tbink its a great idea.

Diminishing returns made wow pvp possible. They could buff aspects of it to compensate.

Being the victim of EWAR is not supposed to be fun.

There is a counter as a solo pilot to Ewar.

Have been the recieving end of ewar many times and have chased many targets away. Kronos in bastion mode.

Marauders are great for solo play and pvp if ewar is an issue.

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Holy cow that does sound glorious but where I live Ill get hot droped by tracking dreads lol! but thanks for the awsum suggestion.

I have been talking and thinking about ECM a lot lately. I understand that it is actually a pretty fun way to play the game and is a cool tool in the kit bag of fleets and solo pilots ( ie:I dont hate the effect or the concept.) The problem I see with this sort of EWAR is its parallel effects in both Small ship content, and larger ship content. If I am flying one on two in a frigate the fight can be over in the time one jam has ended. If I am flying one on two in battleships I will get more time to fight back in the all or nothing system that ECM currently is.

ECM in its current state is to much of a force multiplier for how expensive it is. It takes very little to bring a Griffin buddy and hit way outside your weight class.

Now obviously you can counter ECM with Scripted Sensor boosters, but it is still an all or nothing module that as soon as it lands wins the fight for you. With a set of Mid Grade Spurs, a Sensor booster scripted for ECM, and Targeting mode active on a T3D I still have a 1 in 10 chance of being jammed by ECM drones (This math is obviously not exact but I dont think it is relevant to my point to break it down much further). This is the only sort of EWAR in the game that even when you counter it you still need to expect it to show up. You not only lose all damage on the target but also most of your range control, and all EWAR you are applying to the target. This seems extremely high powered and I think the vast difference in the number of people who use small ECM drones vs any other sort of EWAR drone shows its high power level.

When using ECM in a 6 on 3 fight the fact that one of the smaller team brought ECM is irrelevant because it can only hope to make it a 4 on 3. (Obviously Pilot skill can win this fight but for this example please take the skill sets as similar.) in reverse it could become a 6 on 1. But Tristan did you not just say the people with more friends are going to win? Is this not a basic rule of EVE? “Bring more friends and you will win more often.” Of course that is true. You would hope though that with good piloting skill and use of tools would allow the smaller team to at least leave a mark on the larger team. With ECM that is almost impossible.

This is a horrible wall of text an I am considering deleting it but I think it says what I want it to.

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Its a good wall of text

Right because you drones will totally go on strike and fight for a better salary and better working condition, so they go back to your drone bay and deactivate the rest of your ship with it - r2, what are you doing??

So I am only ever to fly drone boats? And when I am jammed I cant move the drones on to the target actually jamming me. I am literally confused by the effort you took to type this instead of thinking about what you where typing.

GF I suppose.

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This! 20000% Some ships don’t even have drone’s. If we are mean’t to use drone’s to counter ecm, then CCP should give every ship in the game drone bay, or they can just fix ecm which would be a better option…