Ewar Design pass

Hello players and staff members,

I’d like to make a suggestion today about reworking ewar systems to bring them back into a more persistent role in eve, not as much as the old days, but a little more then now. I’d be interesting to see changes happen to the electronic warfare system so they would fundamentally work in the same war that warp-core stabilizes and scrams do. a stream line of sorts. It’d look something like this (as per my vision)

All Types of ewar

  • All ships converted to a new “electronic strength” attribute
    • Ships will have 1 by default
    • No more 10/50 numbered system, just a straight forward system like warp core/stabilizers for simplicity

ECM (Caldari)

  • Racial Jamming Types removed
  • Duration reduced to 15-20 seconds
  • Redesign operational ranges to 80-100km(with specialized ships slight nerf in some cases)
  • Ecm Bursts converted to follow the same logic
    • Will now only have tech 1, and Tech 2 types, removing named.

Weapon (tracking) Disruptions (Amarr)

  • Disables Weapons for a period of time
  • Duration set to 15-20 seconds (module variance)
  • Redesign operational ranges to 80-100km (with specialized ships slight nerf in some cases)

Remote Sensor Dampening (gallente)

  • Reduces targeting Range
  • Duration set to 15-20 seconds (module variance)
  • Redesign operational ranges to 80-100km(with specialized ships slight nerf in some cases)

Engine Disruptions (Minmatar)

  • Disables engines for a period of time

  • Duration set to 15-20 seconds (module variance)

  • Redesign operational ranges to 80-100km(with specialized ships slight nerf in some cases)

  • All types of ewar will follow a 1/2 point system, like War scram

  • The current Eccm module will be converted into a single module that counters all effective Types of ewar.

  • All races ships will be redesigned to create a balance, so the only difference between the ewars is how they work, functionally, what they do. the end result should be total shut down of a ship

  • warp disruption, and webbing will remain non-racial specific.

  • Drain, Grapple, and the likes will remain non-racial specific.

What gives you the impression that EWar ships and EWar in general is in a bad place?

Griffin navy issue.

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Zkillboard suggests they are in decent shape, I don’t know personally I don’t use the GNI, with a little over a 60/40 kill ratio.

thats all-time, recent is 50/50 with plenty of kills being poorly fitted t1 frigates in FW.

They use to be a lot better, and some of the current ships are out of tuning. In the past, they were far more common, it was mainstream to take them into fleets, or build fleets around them. now they are just kinda there.

Also, by redoing these changes, the low slot counters are a more main-stream item, and help encourage build diversity (since one module will counter all types of ewar, just like batteries counter all types of drain).

Is that an issue with one ship of ewar as a whole, complete design reworks for one ship is a lot of unnecessary work when the one ship can be altered.

Its not a complete design for “one ship” but if you read the post you’d know that. Instead, your just trolling for attention.

Who in the world said I was replying to you, I asked a general question about why EWar needed a balance and @Ms_Steak replied using one ship as an example, to which I replied also.

So you want to simplify EWAR and drop the racial primary/secondary -specializations as well? What about all the ships that have bonuses to warp disruption, target painters and energy neutralizers?

You want to make every EWAR work like ECM by shutting a part of your ship down, which people hate and CCP is looking to make it less annoying to use /be used at. Doesn’t it say something about CCP’s intentions about EWAR when they say that ECM is too good? Your idea makes EWAR simpler (less choices) and more powerful, which most likely will end up with EWAR being way too powerful.

Your idea takes away player-choice, simplifies mechanics that don’t need to be simplified and will be too powerful and difficult to balance. Too much work for no return.


I am working on that in the next suggestion, improvements for commandships, shifting their benefits over to it, so the game play of a command ship is less combat related, and move actively swapping targets and buffing (like a buffer-logi ship).

They provide the same function, racial or not, so it makes little difference, but doing it this way we will stream line it, and help make it easier, and more presistent to be involved. I dont think ewar plays an active enough role, and part of the reason why it was nerfed was countering the many types so very difficult, so by moving all of the ewar into a ewar + 1 module to counter we can return to high ewar game play, with each counter options which make it more rng, then nerfed/bufeed into the group.

You mean like being forced into only having modules for passive tank? That seems silly, yet we dont complain about that.

Im not trying to force the choice, im trying to make the choice very hard, in all situations, to give value to the build you have, instead of just googling a build and going with it.

this actually improves the value of choice, and makes knowledge more beneficial, and helps those players wanting more complexity to have it not by butting complexity, but by buffing its value.

The current mechanics allow for a greater variety of gameplay and fitting than your suggestion. You are taking choices away from the players by allowing everything to be countered by a single module. Who cares what the enemy has as you WILL have that module fitted, because hey, it works against everything. You don’t see how this is taking away from the game?

Who or what is forcing you to fit passive modules? Each type has their advantages and disadvantages. If you are having issues with active modules, I’d suggest rethinking your tactics.

Your idea decreases player-choice and limits available tactics. EWAR as currently implemented is a great example of good complexity in Eve. It allows for different fits,tactics to be used without artificially limiting your choices.

You still get a -1

I don’t like current ecm. I think sensor str being something that works like capacitor that ecm mods deplete was a good idea.

The other e-wars are just fine as they are.

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Not exactly.
Spam is a lot of options, Quality is a few, important one. Removing the racial and working them to be a point system like on warp/stabilizes provides an option to jam.

however, with the current system, the jams are not really a valid options for non-specialized classes. unde this new system, of having a point system like warp scram / stabliziers you get the option to fit ecm (or what ever ewar) and it just comes down to “do you have more points, if so you jam etc” just like the ecm/warp scram system.

this means that you can now use ewar on non-specialized/bonus’d ships, and it be valid, you just wont do it more then 20km.

some of the systems in eve use far to many slots. Example, Passive shield builds. So i advocate for consolidation of the type into one to help encourage build diversity (by not forcing specific modules to be mandatory).

i think the majority of EWAR is a good place right now, I don’t see how your changes would actually benefit gameplay

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Read some of my points.

One of the greatest reasons is because it would stream line ewar to being as common and frequent as an option as warp scram/web. Yes, some ships would not get a bonus, but if they were still working 10-20k ish, we’d see them in pvp more, and more unique builds.

A current Target Painter and Weapon Disruptor have around 30km optimal range, I don’t see how lowering that range will make them used more.

Your idea would only make sensor boosters a mandatory fitting for all ships. How is that an increase in fitting-creativity or change tactics?

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