New, short range e-war for Caldari

While all 4 factions have long-range e-war (ECM, target painting, sensor dampening and weapon disruption), only Gallente, Amarr and Minmatar have for short-range (warp disruption, capacitor warfare and webbing).
And, as Caldari is using self repairing, high-resistance shields, and both of their enemies are using active defense, it seems logical to try something to counter them.

My idea is a high-slot module that reduces the effectiveness of all repair and booster modules, except the XL versions. The catch is the ship using a module like this is also affected: the module while active reduces the effects of all repair and booster modules used on the ship, both local and remote.
Logi drones can be a way to work around this mechanic, even though their effectiveness are also reduced.


I like the idea :slight_smile:

Capacitor has nothing to do with electronics. And you don’t ever use them as such, it is used to nuke your targets capacitor, roofy, blindfold, gag, handcuff and restrain so you can “perform” your bang-gang.

Would you be so kind to explain this to the Sentinel, Curse and Pilgrim too?
I agree that cap war has nothing to do with electronics, more like engineering. But web and scram are also listed as e-war, despite affecting propulsion instead of electronics.
But regardless of how we want to call it, Caldari is short on a function.

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Caldari have ECM, they don’t need another.
This module you propose would become an essential module in every fleet also, not an optional. And essential ‘if you don’t have this you lose’ modules are bad.

Essential like the neuters?

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Yes which isn’t good. But there is no need to double down and make the problem worse.

I like the general idea. But I think it would be better off as a warfare item for a pirate faction.

plus IMO - neuts/cap warfare is the worst kind of warfare. I’ll take an ECM over a neut any day :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t mind if the secondary e-war (neut, web and scram) would only get bonuses from pirate faction ships, but that would mean we need to nerf 75% of the T2 e-war ships, and many T1 ships too. It’s quite unlikely to happen.
Introducing this new module and giving Caldari e-war ships bonuses to use them seems much more reasonable.

What about a counter-ewar effect? Something to reduce the optimal and falloff or effectiveness of other ewar? Maybe it could be called “electronic counter counter-measures”, ECCM for short. So, let’s say it reduces the optimal of ewar modules, and so a Warp Disruptor II could have its optimal reduced to 20km under the effects of this “ECCM” or perhaps it could have it’s warp scramble strength reduced by 1. Then it wouldn’t be useless at short range against a warp disruptor.

Not a bad idea, but we already have modules to do these: sensor boosters, tracking computers and warp core stabilizers. I think we have nothing against target painting though.
I was thinking about new mechanics we could give to Caldari. I had a resistance purger idea on the old forum, but this anti-rep module seemed somewhat better.

Well, that’s true, but not every ship has the same capacity to do these things. A Flycatcher, for instance, can only fit, at absolute most, 1 warp core stabilizer, but if this new module were to fit in a mid slot (as most ewar does), the Flycatcher would be able to field a bit more of such a capability.

Even what you are proposing is really just another way to boost effective DPS and if we wanted to nitpick, we COULD say that more effective DPS can be achieved by lots of other means. Better ammo. Better tracking/farther optimal range. More damage modules. Higher skills. etc.

I thought the anti-ewar suggestion just seemed a little more “high tech” and in the flavor of the Caldari, but you’re probably right.

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