Caldari E-War idea

This is my suggestion for a type of E-war. A module lock. Applies to mid slots only, and this is what it does. The module prevents the state change of modules. For example you have your MWD on, i turn on the module lock, you now can’t turn it off and same applies to things that are turned off. Because mods don’t turn off or on you can’t change your mid slot targets either.

The pro to this is a different type of lock that works with caldari e war already in the game. The downside would be it would effect active tanks hard and make a bigger problem out of the passive tanks. This would really hurt MWD people because their sig radius will always be giant.

Anyway I think it’s kinda neat

Interesting idea.

I’m not for or against at first glance, but something for you to consider:

I’ve often made ships that use an MWD to control distance to enemies, but would run out of Cap very fast if the MWD was left on (maybe 30 seconds or so from max Cap). For such a ship, the particular e-War effect you use in your example would be very powerful.

This is just one case though - it doesn’t mean your idea is unworkable. e.g. even with an MWD, you could perhaps use it to lock in the expanded Sig Radius even if the MWD was turned off.

I also want it to prevent the state change of overload too. But your right it effectively work as a neut. but if it’s short range MWD should our run it.

Since you only designed the item, not the counter, -1 no.

Well the counter is passive mods, range, and the mod should a mid slot so it takes up a tanking spot for caldari. Idk I just came up with it today. Maybe what we could do with it is it locks a random module for 20 seconds and each cycle is 4 seconds. So you can lock 5 modules. I’m just spit balling

That’s not a counter, a counter would be a device and/or skill that defeats the new item.

For example on ECM there are 4 skills that increase your chance of not being jammed, plus there are items that also increase your chance.

Yes it is ? If I take your example of counter modules, cap batteries and rigs can counter the effect of neuts and are passive.

If there was just a module or rig that prevent this EWAR, what stop people from simply swapping a module with it and just get away with no consequences. So yeah, passive modules are technically a counter to that.

I’ll give you one more example and then not bother because the devs know better anyway.

You can use this to lock down a ship at a gate, greatly improving gate gankers capabilities.

We can use a scram to turn someone MWD off. Which would be some pretty cool fleet play.

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