New Caldari E-War Mod

I made a post on this already but I want to consolidate all my ideas to one post and go over changes. The module is a system lock. My first idea for it would be to stop the state change of modules, so if it were off it stays off, if it were on, it stays on. And have it only affect mid slots. Well, with a couple of posts and me giving it some more thought I agree with the idea that some things need to change.

So, my new idea for this type of mod. Have it be script based. The way this one will work is, you have a mod called, Module Counter Measures (MCM) and it holds one of two scripts a longer range cycle hindrance script, and a short range module lock script.

The MCM hindrance script increases the cycle time of all low and mid slot mods. This will increase the timer by X%. With this script, locked mods can change state, but it will just take longer to do so. The MCM module lock script, it will be a very close range, and it will per cycle lock a random x number of mods (low and mid) preventing a state change for y time. This means you won’t be able to turn off overload or on, turn on, or turn off locked modules.

The rigs for the MCM will have to be split between the scripts, and it would be wise to make some rigs not compatible. For instance, in regards to the MCM module lock, one rig can increase the lock time of locked mods, and another can reduce the cycle rate of the MCM. Obviously, the increased lock time means whatever locked is keeping that state on longer, but the other one increases the number of mods
that can be locked in a longer fight.

There are some defenses to this in the game already, shield users on the active side have a rig that increases the cycle rate of their booster already. That rig should get changed to a % so that it also serves as a defense when someone tries to MCM you. Passive Modules would not be affected by this. And because of the very short range of the lock script, people with fast ships should be able to leave the range of it. Also, people can do some form of workarounds by using a scram to turn off MWD, and on the more complex side, neut the guy to force turn off mods, then remote cap boost him back. The MCM should take a mid slot and be optimally used on shield ships, thus taking defense away from shield tanks.

Some of the downsides to this are gate camping. If someone can instantly target you, then lock you, you won’t be able to turn on mods to defend yourself from the gate camps. You can still use weapons as this MCM only targets low and mid slots, but all prop and defense mods can’t turn on. The other downside is active tanking fits would effectively be getting hit by a neut. They won’t be able to turn off booster to fix their cycle times.

One of the pros to this is in regards to cap warfare. If you are locked by this, your cap booster gets it’s state locked. You will start to dump cap batteries into your ship, even if it isn’t needed. I like this idea because it provides a new risk to cap warfare. Something to consider with this module is because the state doesn’t change, you won’t be able to change the targets of mid and low slots.

In conclusion, it’s a fun module that will have a play in all aspects of the game. It will play into active fits, speed tanks, and cap war. It is thematic with other Caldari e-war, and I can see it being used with the new ECM, which servers as a taunt.

Bad idea by the simple fact that there is no counter measure for it.

Also module counter measure already exists in EvE in form of capacitor warfare.

I guess so but people can use passive mods, and if someone wants to use the ECM on the MCM pilot they will have to target the ECM guy. Here is a hypothetical, player A is using the MCM, while player B is using both ECM and MCM. Player A has to target player B, and because of the MCM player B has, player A can’t activate the MCM. So I guess the counter to this is neuts, and itself

That doesn’t even make sense. Now we can only fit passive mods because every gate camp can shutdown active ones?

Huge gate camp buff.

No -1.

I think you haven’t thought that through: N+1 is not a counter or rather it is a counter to everything including itself, and by your description if MCM guy targets ECM guy - ECM guy cant do crap because all his ECM are now locked.

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I think a lot better idea would be to introduce 2 different modules. 1 that lowers targets CPU, the other one that lowers targets PG.

Only 1 of these could be equipped on a ship at any given time.

Module effects would be subject to resistance skills, much like current EWAR, as well as possibly a counter fit script which could be loaded into SEBOs or Targeting or Missile Guidance computers or Drone Tracking Links. When this script is loaded the active module would not provide any of its original bonuses but instead provide X resistance to having CPU / PG affected by EWAR.

In addition, there are of course a lot of random things that can happen, for example if you hit a ship that has enough spare CPU with it, it will remain unaffected. Likewise with PG, so only ships that are close to maximum values would be affected. This would also provide additional counterplay as fitting extra PG / CPU modules or rigs would further negate the effects.

Once either CPU or PG does become affected and the target no longer meets requirements of their fit, this would simply turn off one of the CPU heavy or PG heavy (for each respectively) modules. If multiple qualifying modules are present, then one would be turned off at random.

Such EWAR would be interesting with lots of counterplay options, as well as the fact that you will never know what on your target will get turned off. It might be a damage mod for example when they are simply trying to get away, which would do nothing. Or it might be a shield or armor booster, or a single weapon system when they stay and fight, or it might be their MWD or MJD or even a cyno or whatever else is next on a given ship.

This would be a good change, and the randomness of it would create some very interesting scenarios.

I’ve been reading up on things and it seems like drones need some hate. My only thing is idk what to do about it other than an ewar pulse which would return all drones to their user. It’s like a smart bomb but more of a pulse. But idk what to do. If I’m going to spend the time to target the drone I might as well kill it.

That’ll mess up capacitor balance completely.

So, not from experience, just from reading threads, you now decide to change to nerfing drones?

Why don’t you go play the game for 10-15 years like the rest of us then make suggestions?

You’re saying I’m locked out until September this year? O:
Yes, I’m closing in on the big 10 as well.

Well to be fair that’s ad hominem abuse. Just because I havnt played as long doesn’t mean the idea is wrong.

Not sure what it is you are referring to. If you mean ECM drones, then they already got a huge nerf by default. If you mean drones in general, then the only thing that needs to be done is remove auto agro, that’s it. The reason drone ships dominate PvE is not that they are so OP, but that too many turret ships are sub par. Especially lasers and hybrids. ACs do OK.

The main reasons for laser and hybrid turret ships being sub par in PvE are as follows:

Capacitor use - this is huge. Unlike in PvP and or fleets in general, where you have pocket ships feeding you cap, too often you just can’t make a sustainable fits because you have to fit so much cap crap on them.

Hybrids - Rails lack DPS while blasters lack the range, also, on some of the Gallente ships hybrids end up using too much cap greatly reducing the remaining ship hull bonus effectiveness of tank fits to almost non usable levels.

Artillery - takes up too much PG, way too much

Lasers - eat way too much cap and have too limited ammo / damage types.

ACs - ACs are almost good, they just need a slight DPS boost to be better at PvE.

So before you nerf drones in their entirety, you need to address the thinsg I listed above, or we won’t have any actually good ships to PvE in.

In addition, you know some of us have been around a long time, myself included. There was a time in Eve when Gallente ships in general were total and absolute ■■■■. Both hybrids and drones were the worst weapons in the game. I do not want to go back to those times where an entire faction of ships becomes useless or nearly useless. Now it would be 2 factions, Gallente and Guristas if you nerf drones.

This is a very bad idea to completely screw up 2 entire ship factions like this. So again, fix what I listed above before nerfing, and in fact it may turn out that when you do fix the above, then no nerfing is necessary.

You also have to remember that balance in thsi game is PvP and not PvE focused. So the problem with fixing all these things is that they may end up truly screwing with PvP making these too OP from that direction. So this is tougher then it looks.

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