New ECM tactic - CPU Overload

Son a new way of electronic warfare could be ‘cpu overload’ with temporarily offlines or sets the cooldown to maximum for random modules with higher skills offlining more important modules, this could be based on chance like ecm jams or targeted via scripts like a remote sensor dampener that affected a certain level of module (so if the module is higher than the tier you can affect it will be based on chance)

And what exactly is a module level? Do you mean meta level?

Also I’m pretty sure you managed to make the games weakest and most frustrating e-war somehow both weaker and more frustrating.

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So basically everyone that doesnt fly 8 billion isk ship’s will have 0 online modules after 5 minutes of being ecm’ed.

Rather just delete ECM from the gate and Give Caldari an e-war that takes control of 1 of the enemies drones/ fighters, if the cycle fails you loose control of the drone and have to re-establish connection on a successful next cycle of the module.

Won’t be able to fit more than 1 ecm per ship and cant pull the drone into your bay while it is being controlled.

Maybe the single drone can have increased stat’s depending on how strong your e-war skils are and ship bonus’s.

Oh yeah… that’s not totally broken. I can’t see any balancing issues there.

All ECM needed was the removal of 100% jam and to have ecm modules add ECCM to target ships acting as a staking penalty and BOOM fixed. Rather than the mess fozzi put it in by making it worse when used as intended but did nothing to effect the problem areas like ECM drones and it’s use against T1 frigates.

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ECM as a whole is a messy badly designed E-war, there needs to be tactical on-grid counter plays with piloting instead of, O sorry! You didn’t undock with 2 ECCM mid slots sorry for you, you can go make coffee now instead of playing the game.

you mean like how damps you get in close? ( I mean if you consider the remote possiblility of getting within 2km of an individual or group set up to damp you as an “option”) and you sure have a hole lot of “options” when a single tracking disrupter removes over 90% of your range or tracking. The other E-war give illusions you have a chance, illusions re-enforced by pilots who don’t fly them properly. ECM is the weakest E-war in the game because well the target does have a chance and most of the time the odds are in his favor.

ECM you get further away…


Are you sure you are playing the same game, please link a picture of a single tracking disruptor that removes 90% range.

why not bother to look at the mods yourself


Yea that’s pretty broken.

you say that but it has nothing on damps. damps are just better ECM peoples just don’t know how to fit/build for them where as ECM is rainbow and go. so 90% of the time you come across one its flown poorly and you thing “I can counter damps if I get closer” but you can’t.

a 3 damp arazu puts a frigates range at .48km(rifter) and a BBs to 1.92km (raven)yeah… go ahead and get within 480m of that arazu but ECM is the broken E-War

Then ECM shouldn’t catch up to the rest the rest need a nerf to such high %'s and a buff in some other direction to keep them useful, maybe aoe e-war.

But yea ecm needs something just not back to what it used to be or something that permanently switches off modules like the op suggested…

but they don’t need to be. each one of them is 500-850 dps you are not bringing with you and they can shut down about that much on the enemy fleet. you are trading one for one at those numbers. You then need to get good pilots and fleets that can capitalize on less extreme numbers and maybe now you can take out two ships or at least slow them down for the cost of your one. In this sense they are actually weaker than logistics.

ECM isn’t unbalanced its just frustrating. The point I was trying to make is these other E-war are balanced (damps could be reigned in a little) but they are stronger than ECM. The only difference is the player mindset when engaging them. Rather than KNOWING that the enemy E-war has taken you out of the fight you think you are still in it.

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okay guys here’s my idea for a new ewar module
name: work in progess but let’s just call it the big red button
range: 300km+skill and hull bonus
effect: hax the enemy ship, resulting in the self-destruct of the pod. u can take the ship for urself after u hose the goo out

no saving throws

what do u think i think it sounds prty balinced

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To be fair, I’m pretty sure that requires heat, a TD specialized ship rigged for TD, and infowar links w/ mindlink.

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It would be crazy strong lol but does sound fun for the guy doing ecm.

I would link temporary breakdown of modules to hull damage, not CPU overload. I associate CPU overload more with effects from hacking.
It would be nice if combat hacking to temporarily disable modules was possible - but face it: in a combat situation all interfaces to allow such meddling will be disabled. It would require a forceful entry into the system, e.g. an ECM rocket piercing the shields or armor and then working from within.

I do like the idea for new possibilities for ECM which now seems to be rather weak and useless even while its effects are quite realistic. I would move the current mechanic to ECM drones, so that enemy ships can only attack the ECM drones as long as those drones are jamming. (Unfortunately the Caldari as masters of (weakest kind of) ECM do not make much use of drones…)
And I would like to have ECM drones introduced that allow to mimic enemy ships, fooling sensors (like the inflatable tanks of WWII). I would like to have ECM that alters ship signature to be detected as something else on d-scan. Or have ECM fool enemy sensors to be some other target nearby, so that there was a chance targeting systems would aim the weapons to a simulated enemy, the shot doing zero damage to the ship for a given shot.

In its current incarnation ECM is next to useless in a 1 vs 1 situation, just being able to force the enemy’s attention away from one’s own combat drones - but in the case of the Caldari, combat drones are not much of a threat in the first place. It might be annoying if ECM drones are protected in this way.

I think a development on the ‘CPU overload’ idea is the EWAR targeting ranges, bonuses or penalties and maybe fittings for more advanced EWAR. So scripts to reduce the optimal range of a module (like a scram/disruptor) or the sig radius increase of a target painter or increasing CPU/Power requirements temporarily for a MWD/AB, resistances by passive/active hardeners, bonuses granted by computers or enhancers.

The problem is overlap.

You blast a bunch of ■■■■ over expected frequencies so that the real signal is indistinguishable. Conceptually, taking scan res away from RSD and giving it a stronger effect as dedicated ECM would fix everything.

RSD gets their range damping, ECM gets scan res. The lock breaking goes away, ECM just makes it so that a cruiser will spend the next 15-20 seconds locking a frigate. That’s effectively jamming them, while still making them feel like they have a role to play in the fight.

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