Proposed e-war/support changes


(Horza Tareem) #1

Hey guys - while checking on the functionality of tracking disruptors today, I started on a train of thought about how ewar/support modules work and I’ve found them lacking, at the moment.

The modules functionality is spread all over the place, some by legacy, some intentional.

I’d like to bring this proposal to the table - just to check it for flaws here, let me know what you think of it - please don’t bring the flame.

Ewar changes proposal

At the moment we have four ewar classes:

ECM - deals with sensor strenght
Damps - deals with scan res, targeting range
Painters - deals with sig radius
Disruptors - deals with module efficiency (preparing the ground here:) )


  • Ewar/counter ewar modules unified - functionality improved by scripting.
  • Functionality as follows:


  • increase friendly & own sensor strenght
  • decrease enemy sensor strenght
  • chance to jam enemies on cycle


  • increase friendly & own scan res
  • increase friendly & own targeting range
  • decrease enemy scan res
  • decrease enemy targeting range


  • decrease friendly and own signature radius
  • Increase enemy sig radius
  • increase friendly logi application

Disruptors (biggest change)

  • increase friendly & own application (both missiles and weapons)
  • decrease enemy application (both missiles and weapons)
  • Decrease enemy logi application (used on logi target)
  • decrease enemy logi application (used on logi itself)

This will require the unification of certain modules functionality

  • Tracking disruptors & remote tracking computers
  • Sensor damps & sebo/rsebo
  • ECM & sebo/rsebo

It will also make using ewar ships more easy & flexible - atm it’s just an artificial barrier of going back to reship and/or bringing enough ewar/support that you have all situations covered - with the drawback that some pilots may sit out the engagement.

With these changes you can ensure that every ewar pilot you bring can also double as support, if needed, and the other way around.

(Wander Prian) #2

Your idea would make fleets less varied and decrease the ways to fight against a hostile fleet. EWAR and support are different modules on purpose. It is meant that you can have the wrong fleet-comp and it will mean you are at a disadvantage.

(Horza Tareem) #3

I believe it will actually shift the issuse from “bringing the right ships” for the fleet (which is cumbersome and prone to critical failure) to “using the right tools from existing ships” (which promotes skill, has everyone involved and decreases the chances of a “hard counter” making fights more interesting)

(Durhur Atruin) #4

That’s kind of how ECM is designed to work. It’s supposed to be difficult and prone to failure. If you don’t know the enemy fleet, you need to go very broad and dilute your ECM strength to jam anything. But if you’ve done your research/espionage correctly, you can counter their fleet precisely, and gain a definite advantage.

(Horza Tareem) #5

I get your point - but this change doesn’t have to come alone. If the enemy fleet fields their ecm as well, but on a defensive role, the ecm as a whole gets dilluted and fights get more interesting.

You can always bring the wrong kind of ewar on a battle (say you bring damps and they have ecm) but other than that - why would this be an issue? Also - there’s more than just ecm discussed here - how about the other proposals?

(and, moreover, wasn’t everyone complaining about ecm being too strong? this will give eccm to the masses, with little sacrifice)

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