Proposal to revert short-range ECM back to the "y-u-no-shoot?" button that it was

What if ECM at really short ranges would block the ability to target like it used to? That would make the GNI viable again, and make ECM useable in solo PVP. IMHO, solo ECM was what was most hurt by the recent change. Fleet ECM can still sit at range and permajam while being repped. Since the target of the jams can’t target the logi, the jamming ships are mostly safe, even more so given the range they usually engage at.

Maybe a separate variation of ecm modules? Short range old school ECM?

I also just really want my GNI back :3

Solo wasnt hurt, it was ended, which was the main reason for the change. It’s been 2 months. Adapt or die.

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Ended, yes. They said ECM was changed to make it less frustrating and to give the jammed player some sort of agency. In the context of short-range jams, that agency would be in trying to get outside the jam range.

Still viable in fleet, 2 jammers and they cant lock anyone up.

oh. I thought that’d mean they can lock both up. I still want my anti-catalyst and anti-daredevil griffin navy though. :confused:

I could be wrong. I was thinking that if two jammers lock you up, then you cant lock either one, but I might be mistaken

Another clueless player who spread around the “adapt or die” motto… :crazy_face:

What about trying to understand properly the new ECM mechanics and only after that going to post your opinions on this topic?

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You can lock ALL ships jamming you.

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Navy griffins were fun :confused:

I think that this is something that would be better implemented as a specific role bonus for the Griffin Navy, and maybe the Rook, rather than a blanket “if at 0 you can laugh in y-u-no-shoot” mechanic.

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This thread will not die while I am still alive. I’d love to have the GNI back still.

how about just reworking the modules so you only need to fit one and tank properly?

You still can lock out on ship out of a fight if you have 4 or 5 staggered ecm modules on him but shhhh.

Would you care to elaborate? :3

If I start putting tactics here, sooner than later a lot more people will start doing it, so no I am not elaborating but it is not rocket science.

The only viable way to jam now is with drones.

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