Griffin Navy Rebalance

With the new(ish) ecm changes the griffin got nerfed really hard. It gets these awesome bonuses to ecm but it doesn’t much anymore since you can just lock on through jams now and the range is 14km + 7.3 falloff with max range fittings. Really only useful for being a forced ‘tank’ ship in fleets or a blaster boat (which other ships do better or the same).

To fix this, i think maybe a reduce the -85% reduction in range to maybe 50% so that way in fleets it might be able to stay a little further out and be more of a support role.
Alternatively, (not sure how balanced this would be) it would be immune to burst jammers and give all the bonuses for that instead of regular ecm.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

But then you can just skip the 10m in the price tag and fly a regular Griffin instead.

What about a rapid burst jammer instead?

What would you think about a burst jammer cycle time bonus of 10 seconds at frigate level V and a burst radius of 18 or 20km.
That way you would still break the lock every 10 seconds keep the ecm role of the short-range-max-effect intact?

I think of all the ECM platforms, the Griffin Navy fared the worst in the whole “make ECM a taunt EWar” change. While all of the platforms suffered pretty badly in terms of solo ability, at least in gangs the other ECM ships can stand off at a respectable range while tackle and DPS wreck the jammed ship. The Griffin Navy can’t even do that, being forced to jam in brawling range even in gangs.

The problem is this: all of the Navy frigates are heavily geared towards short-range brawling, and brawling in an ECM platform is pretty much a useless endeavor at this point.

I agree that it needs a serious look at, but your two proposals both come with issues. Giving it a range bonus puts it at odds with the other Navy frigates, and making it an ECM Burst platform (which seems fascinating at first glance) would greatly limit its utility in hisec.

I’d like to propose something else: make ECM on the Navy Griffin, and only the Navy Griffin, work like ECM used to where jams mean your target can’t lock anything, even you. This would keep it in line with the other Navy frigates, would greatly improve it’s viability as a brawling platform, could introduce some new use cases for larger gangs, and there’s at least some precedent for retaining old module functionality (i.e. Blood Raider NOS working like old NOS did).

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