Before ecm change

Before the ECM change gets rushed in. Please postpone it and carryout the following as to not ruin a lot of people ships and fun. what follows is my suggestion from another post:

the drone change is good.
The ECM change would be fine the issue is the lack of ship balancing with it.
the ECM change should only be implemented with a re-balance to ALL ECM bonused ships… ECM ships should be reworked to two types 1 would be super tanky alongside enough ECM to jam one ship (via a bonus change to fitting a single super power multi-spectral) and a base speed buff and that should apply to The rook/widow/blackbird/scorpion/chameleon).
and the second type the falcon/kitsune/griffin/N-griffin should get mwd sig bonuses, agility speed and ECM range and a little more tank. Those changes and this ECM Nerf would be acceptable.

This would mean that the combat ECM ships are good brawlers capable of excellent 2-3 man pvp. while slightly outnumbered. The fleet ECM ships would be capable of coming in at range and proving jams for a larger fleet fight as long as they can stay away from light tackle and keep traversal up.

The big positive is that supers when outnumbered will go down fighting. making one of the worst deaths in the game feel a little less insulting. If it goes down this way Would be ok with it. other wise it stinks

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