CCP, it is time to fix Caldari EWAR

The title says it all. Either replace ECM with something interesting and useful (and the possibilities here are virtually endless) or un-nerf ECM enough that it is useful for everyone, including the player using it. If nothing else, hove dedicated ECM ships a bigger bonus to jam strength, and dramaticaly increase the jam range on T2+ ECM ships.

It is long past time that this is fixed.

Whats wrong with it? You cant 1v1 anymore?


There are dedicated ECM ships. You can keep players perma-jammed with a Griffin. You’re still screwed if you are up against someone in a drone boat…

Let me guess, you long for the days when a Falcon pilot showing up on grid meant you were 100% screwed?



You can devote months of training to have perfect ECM skills, flying the best ECM ship in the game loaded with billions in faction mods, and all of that will do nothing the protect or even help that ECM pilot. The same cannot be said of any other EWAR in the game.

No, not that that was really happening all that often even back in the day.

I think it should be reworked entirely, even if that means replacing the current annoying affect with something (or some things) that are more interesting. Anything is possible here.

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