ECM Jammers and PVP

CCP when will you DELETE ecm from game? It destroys PvP. I was in my raven today and there was small gang of few ships
witch I wanted to engage. When I did so, I got perma jammed by Grifin and Blackbird. SO basically it means that I dont have any means of self defence. And in witch case it’s utter wrong and broken. It’s not first time and not the last time peeps will post about ECM total delete from game or at least rework it. I’m sure that loads of peeps will agree with me. Proly loads wount. But ECM just make solo/Small gang PVP unplayable.I do understand if it would just break ur lock. But not freaking keeping you out of locking peeps for certain amount of time. IT JUST WRONG. #MakePVPgreatAgain


Bring some auto-targeting missiles.

That always gives ECM a good fright, despite doing less DPS than normal missiles.

Don’t be fighting Caldari then, git gud and stop crying. ECM is king, accept it. What CCP needs to do is fix ECM burst projectors, that is useless

I will never accept game breaking mechanics. You are just one more who don’t accept that ECM is only OP Electronic Warfare in this game. You can avoid other ones, or at least fight back by closing the distance, but not with ECM.

Or just increase your sensor strength/use drones/Autotarget Missles.


So for example if I will fly Turret ship, and Turrets doesnt have any Auto Targeting rounds. It means ur dead again, and again, and again. DELETE it. It’s like in WoT where peoples are asking to delete Arty, but DEVS just try to tweak em. It’s wrong, all ECM thing is Wrong, Unbalanced with RNG in it.

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another one of these threads…

ECM is just fine as is. ffs it is the weakest E-war out of the lot, it just doesn’t “feel” as good.

only changes that need to be made to ECM is a cap on jam chance and an ECCM effect to work as a form of stacking penalty that’s it.

you’re just upset because you got countered. a single sebo will turn jams into a wasted effort.

S E N S O R B O O S T E R I I , E C C M S C R I P T


Lemme write down your name so i know who to jam first.


blind jump into gate camp , get killed , somehow it’s not your fault …

Fit a sensor booster

Please elaborate what is “broken” about them?

An ECM burst projector does not jam anything. It is breaking any target locks withing its optimal range. There are two ships in EVE that even look alike that can wreak havoc with this module. If you put that module on a Blackbird, you were doing it wrong.
You can put 2x medium ancillary bajeebus shield boosters on an Imperial Navy Slicer and complain about the module being “broken” but that would not change the fact, they may not be very useful on an Imperial Navy Slicer to begin with.

Due to the RNG-based mechanics that ECM relies on, a 5 point ECM score won’t break any locks, as it stands the only thing it seems to be useful is anti-fighter support. (Wyvern’s bonus to this module’s cycle time only lets each cycle that much faster, not necessarily more effective overall in potency.)

Wait, are you talking about the ECM burst or that mothership module?

Give pilots some ability to have Drones and Auto-Targeting missiles aim and aggress at specific targets without needing a target lock - Instant ECM fix.

You’re a troll, Electronic Counter Measures are the weakest form of electronic warfare and are laughably easily countered.

You are sat there in space and you got jammed because you didn’t even think to train sensor compensation skills or even fit a sensor booster with ECCM Script.

You are crying so hard you have got to be trolling.


The one that can only be fit on supercarriers.

Oh that one.

I have been told that aren’t very good, so better fit something useful.

From what i understand they arent good if you get caught alone but if you have multiple supers rotating through your supers ecm burst projecters can be pretty powerful in stopping dps towards your fleet.

I bet there is some math involved with the efficiency of the projector so you can get how many bad guys you will jam.

If enemy_fleet_size > x its worth it.

Since they are aoe. Kind of like smart bombs, youll do far more damage against a fleet of 100 then you will a lone battleship where having guns will do more dps.