EC-drones still broken


I was very excited when CCP announced they were going to change the ECM mechanics. As a lover of 1v1 PvP, I always got very frustrated by being denied a kill because of EC drones.

We were promised that you would be able to lock up the person who is jamming you. However, you are only able to lock up the particular drone that got the EC hit on you.

Really??? How does this even fix anything? I mean, it takes a battleship 20 seconds to lock up that EC- drone, by when it probably is another drone getting a lucky hit. This is just every bit as frustrating as the old mechanics.

Is this a mistake, or a conscious choice by CCP? I hope it is a mistake that will be fixed soon!

What would be the point of being able to blow up a ship that is jamming you, when the entire purpose of being jammed is so you can’t blow up the ship that is jamming you…


Well, you don’t have to agree with the recent ECM changes, but this is indeed exactly what was promised, to at least be able to blow up the ship that is jamming you.

CCP wrote that you will be able to lock the origin of the ECM.

In this case the drone.


No, it was not

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Technically you might be correct, and I thought of this interpretation as well.

It is just that it seems to go against what they were trying to accomplish with the ECM changes. So I am hoping CCP will recognize this and change it so that we will always be able to lock up the pilot that is jamming us.

I looked what exactly was said by CCP:

‘To start us on a path towards a healthier balance for ECM, we are making one critical change to its mechanics: while jammed, you can always lock the ship that is jamming you.

The ship that is. Not the drone.

If it’s the “Ship” jamming you then yes you could, but as already stated it’s a Drone…so you get to target where the jamming occurs from…Smart bomb them :slight_smile:


Care to explain?

I guess that’s a good reason to put a smart bomb on a BS.

They also stated this:

Does this apply to drones?

Yes! And we think this is perfect for drones. They will still be a good option for escaping a fast tackler or disrupting the enemy fleet, but they won’t be able perma-jam most targets as they will just get killed off quickly.

So, it seems these changes are indeed intended this way. I just couldn’t agree less.

The issue is that before the changes, if you were solo and jammed, you had no chance as long as the jamming lasted. You couldn’t lock anything so couldn’t kill anything.

Now, you have the ability to get rid of the jam. You can target and kill whatever lands the ECM on you, thus giving you a CHANCE to fight back. It doesn’t mean you’ll win… it just means you have a chance.

ECM drones when compared to a ship fitting ECM modules are more useful with the changes. But you have a chance to kill them and then kill the ship you are fighting… instead of having no chance if the jams keep hitting.

That’s a good improvement.

You got an explanation already:

Ever tried fitting a Sensor Booster with an ECCM script and overheating when you see that EC drones are dropped?

no no he doesnt want to play that game, probably hasnt even skilled his sensor strength skills either.

Fitting a sensor booster to a Hyperion… right

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If you doesn’t like being jammed, but then doesn’t take any actions in your fit or skills, then you deserve to sit duck in space while only being able to lock a drone moving too fast for your Hyperion guns.

And even if you fit a sensor booster without a script, it will improve your targeting speed. And since you’re fighting with a Battleship, you’ll need that speed.

Also, just improve your racial sensor skill. It doesn’t take any module slot and still improve your ECM resistance (and targeting speed, I think).


Is it not a counter to being jammed? I don’t see the problem here in that it’s a big game of Rock Paper Scissors at its core.

You can complain about being jammed or you can fit a module that works to counter it, up to you.

Edit: You can also use cheap implants that decrease the likelihood of a successful jam getting off on you. There’s a number of things you can do aside from coming here to whine.

They just need to rebalance the numbers. ECM drones were always disproportionately strong compared to other ewar drones because they don’t have a stacking penalty.

Battleships should be sitting at an average 50 ecm strength with max skills along with anything that has low scan res.

But yes consider fitting that smartbomb in the utility high it will greatly increase your Hyperion’s tank because those drones really add up when you’re tanking a bunch of ships. It will also do dps (not much but not nothing either) to your main target.

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I can’t believe people are still complaining about ECM after it was just destroyed to uselessness with the last patch.


Oooh! I was waiting for the first post that was mistakenly expecting this patch would be “You can target the owner of the drones that jam”… but alas how they are mistaken as the intent have been all along that you can only target the origin of the Jam.

As we keep going down this rabbithole there have always been ways of improving your chances like your sensor compensation skills and sensor booster, but here we are refusing to adapt because they dont want to add a module for this one thing that is “oh so gamebreaking”.

Also its a hyperion, you dont have drones of your own you can send out to kill other drones? You can easily put in a few extra lights in there for those EC drones.

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