EC-drones still broken

Why do you think most logi have eccm?

You can target lock the ship/drone using ECM on you. There is no change in ECM that guarantees you can hit or track the one thing you can lock.

I would say this is a conscious choice.

ECM is frustrating because you could not do anything before the changes. The changes allow you to kill the source of the ECM. And in case of drones, you can kill the drones while jammed, not the owner of the drones.

Imagine what happened if ECM drones would work like you want them to work. Or in other words, if ECM drones jam you, you can still lock the ship of the owner of those drones. What exactly would be the purpose of ECM drones in such a situation?

Unlike ECM modules as far as I know, ECM drones are only brought for situations where people do not want to fight and want -a chance- to break the lock of the ship that’s stopping them from warping away. Take that ability away from the drones and you could just as well delete the ECM drones from the game.

Deleting ECM elements from the game was not the purpose of these changes though. As I see it, it was only meant as a small change that alllows jammed ships to fight their jammed situation, instead of being helpless.

If anything ECM got buffed this patch. People are fitting it just to show it still owns so suddenly the shameful boring tactic is getting more popular. ECM is a solo or small gang players nightmare and now it’s even more common.

EVE simply needs debuff resistance timers. Not just for ECM but RSDs and TDs too. Being perma anything’d is boring brainless gameplay. You don’t see ECM ships on the smaller fleet, it’s just a stomp guarantee card that blobs throw on when they 10v1.

You know, if something is less effective than before, this change is called a ‘nerf’, not a ‘buff’. ECM is less effective than before the change, because people can now lock back the ECM source, which they couldn’t do before. Less powerful and less limiting ECM jams means ECM is nerfed, not buffed.

Just because you think ECM got more popular and is fitted more often (no idea what makes you think that, but okay), that would mean ECM got more popular. It doesn’t mean it’s buffed.


So make elaborate in detail, where the ecm mod touched you?

When did ecm module get the change to do the following things???

  • Stops your ship from moving at all
  • Unfit all modules of your ship and donate them to the poor
  • Donate the ship to the poor
  • Disband all alliances and insta-gib all sooper dooper doopers and explode all titans, finally
  • automatically explodes the jammed ship
  • automatically lobotomizes the character of the jammed ship and donate cheat stix to the noobs
  • automatically clears the wallet of the jammed ship’s owner and donates all his isk to the poor
  • makes all nullsec anomalies disappear and inaccessible for anything bigger than a frigate

Make link the patch notes where this happened.

I stopped a nyx from destroying a citadel with a blackbird using the pre-nerf ECM. I jammed his fighters until the citadel was safe, then docked.

I’m going to miss that… but I have to admit that must have been really frustrating that he couldn’t get rid of my 7m isk ship with his 17.5b isk ship. And other than bringing more ships that I could bring blackbirds… he had no counter.

Yes. It is a Hyperion. A Hyperion takes about 20 seconds to lock a small drone. Which is about the same time as the jam cycle. So no, you won’t be able to target the drones since after twenty seconds it will be another drone jamming you.

And whoever is seriously suggesting fitting a sensor booster to a pvp Hyperion, get a grip on reality pls =D

What? Who is talking about tracking here? Whaaat?!?

Bring the right tool for the job.

Even if you could lock it you wouldn’t be able to track it.
So what is the problem here?

Maybe send drones after them?

What I liked to do when people brought ecm drones was assign one light drone to each of them. ECM drones have so little defense that it usually blew them up before they could recall. Takes a little micro but it’s very effective if you’re a little lucky and don’t get jammed and don’t have a smartbomb ready. I advise taking advantage of the next target hotkey so you just right click engage then push the hotkey and repeat for each of your drones.

In the end though the smartbomb is just OP compared to a neut on a Hyp. It will leave you a little more vulnerable to scram range ships like the arazu yes but I mean you can’t be fit to fight everything at once unless you drop a gun for a neut. Most of them have cap boosters anyways and all they really need to do is scram when you try to mjd.

Do yourself a favor fit that dank vehememce shockwave charge and feel the power of no enemy drones. It’s amazing and you’ll feel like you can tank way more. ECM ships as always are going to ■■■■ solo players the most because no matter what you bring if they have n+1 with jams you’re ■■■■■■.

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If you deploy your drones at the beginning of the skirmish your drones should already be on him.

Players: Bäh CCP, ECM unfair NERF
CCP: Here is a nerf wich makes ECM ships nearly useless, but keeps the drones useable
Players: Bäh CCP, ECM Drone unfair NERF

What do you guys want? Completly useless ECM? Sure it’s frustrating if your BS could only lock drones, but then adept to this situation and change the fit. For everything in Eve, there is a counter, even for ECM. If you don’t want to put them on your ship, don’t whine about it.

ironic Or let’s make all EWAR completly useless, then nobody can whine about ECM, Dampening, Webbing, Pointing, Painting and so on…ironic_end

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Or just cycle the smartbomb 2 times…

With all of the complaints and issues around it you would start to think that Sensor booster is sounding more like a good idea. The grip of reality is that you bring a ship that is weak to ECM into a PVP meta where ECM drones is still popular. Other options would be to bring smartbombs to get rid of them, but who wants to adapt in this day and age when CCP nerf everything for you eh?


One player does not equal all players. That player does not even necessarily belong into group A, or B, or whatever label people like you come up with.

Seldomly those talked about are the same people …
… but most often they are lumped into the same bucket …
… by people who tend to mindlessly generalise …
… because they’ve lost all sense for the people around them.

There. I even wrote it down in small chunks to help your understanding.

Now please re-attach your mind to reality.

Thank you.

Anyway… someone who chooses the name DuPont deserves zero sympathy …
… and literally all the grief until he quits.

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Well, then please read the huge ammount of postings about ECM. Before the ECM changes where made, many people cired about ECM, but didn’t want to use Sensor Booster with ECCM Scripts. Now CCP changed the ECM mechanic in a way, wich made most of the ECM ships absolutly useless (let’s hope the winter update will fix it) and still many players cry about ECM, because the drones are to strong.

There are many ways to defend yourself against ECM, you just have to use them. And the past has shown, that it is always the same in EVE, you can nerf something and there will allways be players, wich continue to cry about it, beacuse it wasn’t nerfed enough.

If this part is going against my posting to, Emma DuPont is none of my characters and feel free to take a look at my first quote in this answer :wink:

Nah, this part had nothing to do with you. I simply did not want to start a new post. I would even explain why I wrote that, but it would likely get me banned for pretty much all the wrong reasons, unlike the real life DuPont who got away scott free thanks to a corrupt judge, who likely engages in the same activities as said DuPont, thinking that “he would not do well in jail”.