ECM Question

I recently returned to eve after some years of inactivity.
I heard the ECM System got updated and now it’s besides ecm drones not a defensive option anymore since the ECM ship can still be targeted.
Is this true? How do the drones perform? is it possible to jam a frig or cruiser with 25m² ECM drones?
What drones are the best? light, medium or heavy?

I always liked ECM for a “last escape option”. I think eve will loose a lot of fun without the chance to break a target lock. If your mining vessel or noctis get’s attacked by an assault frig it will only be a matter of time until you blow up. With ecm it was possible to still escape (and if it worked it was the best thing ever^^)
ECM was a little frustrating back then and it needed some improvements, but why remove one of the few possibilities to run away once engaged? :confused:
what should i fit now? warp core stabs? sensor damps? (OMG)
use all drone slots for ecm?
ecm was the only option that COULD work to get out of trouble once engaged. Now it seems like there is none except for the battleship target-spectrum-breaker-thing.

I don’t get this decision from a game design perspective. Is the only defense option more Tank/DPS?

What some people like to disregard is that all ECM modules got a nice bonus to ECM strength, so a successful jam is more likely.

Also, you still break target locks like ECM-bursts do and in the heat of them moment, some may even forget to lock you up, giving you time to leave.

Yes, you can now lock a ship that is jamming you but do that to a Scorpion, which is jamming you at 185km away - good luck with that.

If you fit 5 racial ecm jammers and cycle them carefully, you can even even have someone permanently jammed, since you could depending on the situation and the ship you are jamming, break an opponents target lock every 4 seconds.

What most people also like to disregard is that from a Rook or a Falcon a racial and linked ecm jammer has an ecm strength of about 21 points and with heat there aren’t many subcapitals that won’t get jammed.

That depends on your drone bandwidth. They are pretty good all together but they were nerfed and they only jam you for 5 seconds, so be careful.

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Thank you. So the ECM Burst still works like in the old days, that’s very confusing but i actually like it :slight_smile:

ECM is no longer a viable option for solo ships. It is more of a fleet support module now.