ECM PvP cruiser/options

Hello I used my falcon in a 1vs 1 today and 4 multispectrum multijammers could NOT jam an Astero…Its been about 5 years since ive really pvped. 7 years ago I could jam two crusier hulls and scram both as well with a Rook in 1 vs 2. The Falcon sucks now. What is the best solo ECM pvp ship, I can pretty much fly everything.

Edit: looking for fits as well, t3, anything…

Well, jams don’t really do anything in a 1v1 anyways. Best solo ECM pvp ship would probably be a rook with no jammers

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if they cant target me they cant shoot me or scram me. im talking low sec on anthonors.

Ehhmm… you know… jammers were changed. Now they not only CAN target you, but they can target ONLY YOU if you jam them.
Main use of jammers on citadels is to turn off logi.

You should read this for ECM changes.

Your best bet for ECM currently is anything with 5x Hornet EC-300, because then whatever you’re targeting with the ECM drones will not be able to target you. Rook/Falcon/Widow/et al are now worse than useless in solo/small gang. We’ve been told

but that was late last year, and we’re still waiting to see that ‘reasonable power balance’ restored.


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EC-600s work 1000% better.

Yeah but not all the ships have a 50mbit drone bay, silly.

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Griffin navy issue still hasn’t be reworked since this change…

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Have ANY of the Caldari EW ships been tweaked since this change? wasn’t that something CCP said they were going to do?

LOL, no, no they haven’t, and yes, yes they did… but it’s only been ~6 months, and this sorta stuff must be very tricky + they got their abyssal instanced pvp… which is why it’s a great idea to make a change then say it will be iterated on in the future, because the future is always almost here. :roll_eyes:



Hey, CCP Rise said something along those lines but never came back with any proposals. Now all we got is a few Caldari ships with a tad lower signature radius and fitting room but the race which doesn’t have any ewar.

Well there were some general buff on strength and range.
Also a few PG buff.
That is it.


Inb4 more small gang and solo nerfs!!

It was a nerf to protect small gang from the oppression of Griffin alts.

wrong …
it was a direct buff to carriers tired of seeing their fighters jammed . ( not by cheap griffins , but blops bridged falcons ) . factor in 1/2 of intys lose nullification and makes for much safer null sec farming .
your csm at work … :stuck_out_tongue:

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fake news!!

If only

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