Can an ECM-locked ship still target the locking ship's drones?

I know that a locked ship can still target the locking ship (and no other ship), but does that also apply to the locking ship’s drones? In other words, can the locked ship shoot down the ECM attacker’s drones?

Yes you can shoot the ECM-Drones, but I do not know whats happens when more than one of these EC-Hornets have successful attempts.

OK, so if I successfully jam an opponent using my ship’s modules, it sounds like he can still target my attack drones. Man, they really do not want pilots to ECM solo. :frowning:

If multiple drones get a succesfull jam you can target all of the ones that jam you.

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A jammed target can only target ships and drones that they are jammed by. I don’t think that if you jam a ship they can target your drones unless your drones are ECM drones that have also jammed that ship.

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Ah ha! That’s what I was wondering. Thank you very much!

no there is an exploit, Just wormhole battled and ecm drones got me and I couldn’t lock anything, happened 3 times too. I am submitting a report to CCP on this event

I think he meant if for example a blackbird jammed your ship you could still target its dps drones, my thoughts are I don’t think so.

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