Burst Jammers

Does anyone know much about Burst Jammers ? I have tried using a burst jammer a few times but I am still unsure how this works, I assumed it was just an AOE jam but it I don’t think it is quite like that because drones that should be 100% jammed were still active.

Drones cant be Jammed thats why they are so effective against blinding shops like Blackbird Falcon and Co…

Drones still going after you u just cant hold your point the most time to secure the Kill tbh

but as far is i noticed the ECM Burst do affect the Fighters… I dont know it exactly chause its been a while since i bursted in my Super maybe gonna try that out today on the Singularity

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Drones can be jammed. They have low sensor strength which makes them easy to jam. Its just once it has given the attack command, jamming the drone using ship itself is worthless, hence why drone ships are good vs jammers. Also its harder to land jams on 5x drones compared to 1 ship.

Burst jammers are not jammers. They are actually target breakers. They work like target breaking bombs do. When you burst jam drones they will lose their lock but retarget quite instantly as their scan resolution is high.

Burst jammers are mainly intended to have a second of GTFO moment, breaking point of the ships around you (if you are lucky).


I love super pilots with about 2 weeks worth of game mechanics knowledge.


OK I use ECM quite a bit drones most definitely can be jammed but not by jamming the ship that the drones belong to, you have to target and jam the individual drone. Hence the potential use of a burst jammer AOE against drones but my experience is also that they work much like a target breaker which is useless against drones so it is back to the drawing board.

They work good in pipe bombs lol.

25 SB battleships with staggered burst jammers pretty much promises you won’t have to worry about them shooting back.

Unless you are more than 8Km from the blob. Anything inside the blob is dead so they cant shoot back anyway.

Regarding the Burst Jammers themselves, They are pretty effective against smaller ships or for breaking locks in large fleet fights where it takes time to re-lock so you miss you Alpha chance. (use one on my Prospect to get away from sabers, works very well)

I use them as an emergency GTFO Hail Mary button when kiting. Suppose you’re a kiter and a brawler somehow webs and points you. That’s when you use it to GTFO.

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I have never had the space to put on one but sounds like a pretty good idea.

I have mounted a Burst Jammer on my Blockade runner but when I try to test it, it says “Restricted by Safety System”. Are these only functional when your targeted?

You have to set your safety system to red, the one above your hud is and your shield, armor and hull status is displayed.

Do not activate that button on jita undock.

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Burst jammers (and probably target breakers) are, like smartbombs, non-discriminating AOE devices.

Which is to say that it will “hit” everything within the AoE listed. This constitutes and offensive action, and can entail you incurring a suspect/criminal timer.

Needless to say this can lead to some exceptionally embarrassing events. Like this one:

As far as I can tell he either got spooked by a ship-scanner or faction police showed up for some reason and got him scrammed, and he tried to break it with the burst jammer. Unfortunately he also zapped half the players on the undock, so CONCORD showed up to ruin his day.

Made my day though!

This exact thing happened to me once. I was jumping into low sec with a cargo ship, noticed a guy just sitting there camping in a cruiser. After uncloaking I hit him with the burst jammer to try to flee. CONCORD showed up and blew me away. I realized that in fact I had one more system to go before hitting low sec. I was still in high sec.

Set the safety system to orange instead. Never set it to red unless you like doing suicide ganks.