Can Fighters be Tracking Disrupted (optimal range script)?

They can be webbed.

They can be scrammed…

They can even be painted…

But can can they be disrupted?

There is…surprisingly…zero information on this subject. There is also no way to simulate this on PYFA.

PYFA and in-game however does show that fighters have the following:

Sensor Strength (can they be ecmed)?
Targeting Range and Scan Res (can they be damped)?

Of course they have optimal range/falloff, and omnidlinks boost this attribute, so can they be disrupted?

Their missile attacks also have explosion radius and velocity…can this also be disrupted?

Standard combat drones (for subcaps) do not have Scan Res/Range attributes, although they do have sensor strength (a hobgob II has 7.5 sensor strength, which suggests that subcap drones can be ecmed???)


I tagged you since I’ve read many of your posts in these forums and believe you may know the answer.

Since fighters do not have a tracking attribute, using a tracking disruption script would not affect them, they do however have an optimal range and falloff attribute. Whether or not their optimal/falloff can be disrupted is a question I cannot find an answer to.


When I read Olemeca’s post I ponder the following:
Is that still current in 2020 (surgical strike)?
Would scan res damps affect fighter relock time?
In fact, is there anything that cannot affect fighters (besides a tracking disruption script)?

Could bombers spam lockbreaker bombs as a “Hail Mary” maneuver in Tidi to buy time vs supers (which would be related to the usage of burst jam frigates in the X47L battle???)

In fact the amount of temporary defang options seems limitless after reading Olemeca’s post. But do they actually work (as in allowed to apply to fighters)?

The idea I currently have in mind is using cheap tier 1 frigates or cruisers (cruc/arb) to reduce the range of the fighters and force them into smartbombs.

It should be noted that subcap drones (hobs, hammers, etc) cannot be disrupted (you’ll receive an error message if you use a TD on them, even with optimal range script).

yes drones can be very easily ECM’d, a single cycle from a burst jammer is enough to break them off you.

Ok. How about tracknging disrupted with an optimal range range script?

TD’s don’t work on subcap drones (you’ll receive an error message).

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