Countering warp scrambler / tackler with ECM/TD drones

assuming someone (1v1) scrambled me and I cannot warp away, can I deploy 3 heavy drone ECM or TD to counter the tackler?

3 heavies ecm (6 sensor jam)
3 heavies td (25% range reduce x 3)

which one better to counter tackler?

Am I correct to assume TD means tracking disruption? I don’t think tracking disruption will do anything about a warp scrambler. Do you mean sensor damps perhaps? Multiple sensor damps with target range script can cause the scrambling ship to lose you as target, but for that you need good skills, ship bonuses and rigs to get targeting ranges anywhere below scram range.

The ECM drones have a chance at jamming the enemy ship, and if you’re lucky and they jam the enemy ship, you can fly away.

just checked wiki, td wont affect warp scrambler

only ecm drone will jam tackler, if tackler ship has 22 sensor strenght, my drone boat has 2x5 jam strength, i will have approx 50% chance jam that tackler every 20sec so can warp off safely =D

I think your math is a little off, from here:

It looks like you have ~38% chance to land a jam each cycle, assuming you have 5 drones with a jam strength of 2 (and enemy ship has 22 sensor strength).

At the bottom of this:
also details the math if you’re interested.

Edit: its drones, not modules.


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