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(Corvus Andrard) #1

Hi, I’m a PvE player and with a destroyer I’m doing L2 security missions with success. Anyway in this last days I often encountered enemies with ECM, mostly jammers, distortion amplifiers and sensor dampeners:
in short, I often found myself unable to lock targets and fight.
I also tried to come back with a sensor booster onboard but they targeted me in three with sensor dampeners and all was vain.
what do you do in these cases? Are there any particular combat techniques, specific devices or skills to learn to counteract ECM?

(Jona Ambramotte) #2

I believe there is none.

(Corvus Andrard) #3

If there is none, then is impossible to finish a mission? I don’t believe it. In this specific case I finished the mission because it wasn’t requested to destroy pirates, it was a scouting mission, but what if I want to destroy them to loot? I can’t believe it’s impossible to counteract ECM…

(Quelza) #4

Warp out, warp back in, target jammer first. Or use drones or autotargeting missiles.

(Corvus Andrard) #5

I’m an Alpha, plus I fly Gallente, so no missiles…

(Memphis Baas) #6

Use a drone ship. Drones will stay on target and continue killing it, if you manage to target-lock it and order them to attack. Even if you get jammed. Drones set to “Aggressive” will also continue to attack other targets, and may pick the other 2 jammers and kill them.

Guristas pirates use ECM. You may want to look up the mission spoilers for missions vs. Guristas, just so you know which ships you have to kill immediately at the start of the mission.

(Mr Lopez) #7

Signal amplifiers and sensor boosters increase your ships sensor strength. It reduces the chances of getting jammed.

(Corvus Andrard) #8

Thanks Memphis.
Flying Gallente I have only drone ships (actually Algos) and I have them setted on aggressive/focus fire. Problem is: there are at least 10 enemy ships there, so it’s difficult to found the right ship to attack until they jam me. Plus, they are cruisers so drones will take some time before to destroy it, and in the meantime I can’t target anything and I’m exposed to enemy fire. If I warp away I loose drone control.
It seems like a cul de sac situation. Maybe it’s triggered to be so? Simply they want you to scout and go back without fight?

(Mr Lopez) #9

You could look at what ship is jamming you then warp out and when you warp back in and make it a priority

(Memphis Baas) #10

Actually, the jammers will be frigates, usually. Level 2 missions usually have you face pirate squads of 1-2 cruisers, escorted by 2-4 frigates, and it’s usually the frigates that do the jamming.

As for seeing who does it, make sure your Overview has a little space on the right side; enable a column called Tag and make it 3-5 mm wide. Any ship that activates any kind of jamming on you will have the icon for that jamming show in the Overview, near the right edge of it. You want to make sure you have a little blank column on the right, to allow enough space to see these icons.

You also can extend your drone range with Drone Link Augmentors (+20km each), so that you can order your drones to kill and then maybe afterburn away so you aren’t in range of the enemy fire while the drones do their work.

(Mike Azariah) #11

drop drones and use an afterburner or mwd to pull distance hopefully attenuatiung the incoming damage. the drones, if dropped right away and aggressive will make slow but staeady work of the targets, if you get lucky with an ecm shift then you can specifically direct them


(Memphis Baas) #12

Like Mike is saying, with the drones attacking, the jamming ships may decide to jam your drones instead of you, at which point you can target-lock and order your drones to specific targets. Would be worth sacrificing a few to get the jammers killed, esp. if the mission payout is higher than the cost of the drones.

(Corvus Andrard) #13

Thanks Memphis, but I’m sure, they are cruisers (home-like icon) and they are A LOT.

pocket one, 4 waves of three ships each, with cruisers and battlecruisers in it.

Normally I use the spartan strategy at Thermopylae: all together they are too strong, but one at a time I can destroy them all, so usually I target the one closest to me and more external to the group.This way I can dictate range and they will all stay behind me so I can destroy one by one. Usually it works.

(Memphis Baas) #14

Have you read the mission text?
Mission title?

You’re supposed to scout (reconnaissance - recon), not fight, that one. It’s specifically designed to be almost impossible to fight.
Follow the “Blitz” instructions at the bottom.

Destroyers (Algos) are designed to kill frigates fast, and they are quite vulnerable to cruisers and battlecruisers, because they don’t get the “small size” damage reduction that frigates get, and otherwise have the same armor and shields as a frigate. You’re facing battlecruisers and elite (boss level) cruisers, in 4 waves that appear way too fast to handle.

EVE will never block you from attempting, it’ll just give you “hints” that maybe a frontal assault is not possible. Take the hints.

(Corvus Andrard) #15

Yes I was thinking the mission was triggered to costrict me to only recon without fight, but I hate this :smiley: and I always try to destroy enemies and loot. Sadly, not this time.

(Memphis Baas) #16

Mission payout + bonus = x amount of ISK
Loot = 0.8 x usually
Salvage = 0.8 x usually

Loot and salvage can easily add an extra hour to a 5 minute mission. Cause first you have to spend half an hour killing everything, then another half an hour collecting the loot and salvage. So you get 2.6 x ISK in 1 hour or 1.0 x ISK in 5 minutes. Do the 5 minutes.

(Netan MalDoran) #17

Was about to say how wrong this was but learned something new! They do indeed increase your sensor strength!

(Boldly Gone) #18

I was quite sure after reading your second post that you are talking about “Recon” Lvl 2. I did the same as you did, and my Algos got killed quickly. So I tried a Myrmidon, and it was badly damaged twice. Next choice was a MWD fitted Atron - Voilà, piece of cake, but no kills of course.
One month later with better skills I tried again with a Myrmidon, but was not able to get through the shields of 4 cruisers, they recovered too fast. Another month later with better drones and more dps I finally finished all the rats with a Myrmidon.
I’m quite sure well skilled and experienced omegas can finish them with a Destroyer, but it’s hard work. And a challenge, on second thougth…

(ISD Sakimura) #19

First of all, know thy enemy. So here are a few pointers:

  • Gurista Pirates - use ECM (Jamming).
  • Blood Raiders - use Neut/NOS and Tracking Disruptors.
  • Serpentis - use Sensor Dampeners.
  • Angel Cartel - use Target Painters.
  • Sansha Nation - use Tracking Disruptors.

Elite ships of all factions may use Warp Scrambler/Disruptor and/or Webifier. For further details on other factions read here (see last column in NPC Damage Types table)

  • Jamming (ECM) - Counter with Sensor Booster with ECCM Script, reduces the chance of jamming you.
  • Neut/NOS - Counter with Cap Battery or Cap Booster, offer increased Cap Capacity and some resist or Injecting Energy (Cap) into Capacitor.
  • Remote Sensor Dampener - Counter with Sensor Booster with Targeting Range Script
  • Weapon Disruptors (Turrets) - Counter with Tracking Computer with Optimal Range/Tracking Script
  • Warp Scrambler/Disruptor - No “real” counter, get enough distance for it to drop or kill the ship.
  • Target Painter - No counter available.
  • Webifiers or Grablers - counter with Afterburner or MWD (Microwarpdrive)

(Jona Ambramotte) #20

Warp Stabs?