ECM from Mission Rats

ECM from NPC mission rats. Does your ship sensor strength help you from being jammed? I’m running 2 cebos in a Hecate for over 112 sensor strength. But still get jammed.
I’v run a mission with them turned off and was only jammed twice, while sometime when I have them running I get jammed 3 times.
Is it just RNG? Are they worth having at all vs lets say more cap recharges for a better PvE fit?

The missions I’m Running are the Gallente Faction Warfare Missions, shooting Caldari State Rats.

Jamming is always RNG. You can tip the odds in your favor by boosting your ship’s sensor strength, but you are never guaranteed immunity from getting jammed.

Not really what I asked. I know that Jamming is RNG based, for PvP at least. I know how jamming works.
What I’m asking is does sensor strength “tip the odds in your favor” in PvE, because I haven’t noticed a difference between 20 strength vs 120 strength.
It feels more like the game picks a random number 1 to 8, if its 8 it jams you; disregarding your sensor strength completely.

I dont know if rat EWar has ever been touched since their initial design. I remember player EWar like damps and webs getting heavily nerfed, and then scripts with their “either or” nature, and so on. Yet the rats still lay the pre-nerf smackdown, or at least that is my impression with pirate webs/damps/destabilizers

the rats cheat, I have missions that perma jam by ships with 1 frigate, so I cheat too with bastion module

Old rat ewar has never been tweaked so that’s that.

Best way around this is a Bastion siege module, 100% resistance to ECM … activate it and LOL at ECM rats

I switch from hecate to jackdaw in gurista space and kill jammers with auto targeting missiles.

Actually, rat EWAR was tweaked- a long time ago rat EWAR always missed.

Rat EWAR is actually really easy to get around, train Auto Target missiles, get a caldari/ minmitar missile bonus ship and lay the smack down, missions will take a little longer, but no need to worry about EWAR

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