Ecm and rats

Can you jam rats using ECM?

ECM doesn’t work on NPC’s. Neither do neuts…


Not all NPC can be jammed or neuted, but you definitely can find ones that can.


NPC’s have infinite capacitor. You can NOS them, but neuts do absolutely nothing…

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Makes sense with the neut.

Generally I have found that NPC that scram/point can be ECM’d. Diamond rats with points come to mind.

thanks for the info. The rats in the 8.0 area can be ECM. I have seen it.

Your welcome. I can’t find any definitive list of NPC that can be jammed, so you might want to make your own notes.

I believe you can also sensor dampen and tracking disrupt them. Just not as effective as on player ships.

I once broke a scram by neuting a diamond NPCs in my Ashimmu, thus releasing a tanked corpmate who was trapped, he was easily tanking the damage, but could not kill them.
So at least they distract NPCs and make them react.

npc dont have infinite cap , they just dont need it for their activities . cap warfare may make them switch targets , but you cant neut out their scram . neuting an npc may decrease their chance of self repair .

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