Does any kind of eWar work on NPCs?

I know NPCs have infinite capacitor, so cap warfare doesn’t work on them. Are they immune to all electronic warfare?

They’re not often immune to it, it’s just there’s usually a lot of enemies and only one of you, so it’s not an efficient use of modules.

The main notable exceptions are a number of ships will fit a web if they do PVE in web range, and fighting drifter battleships.


Webs and target painters I’ve personally used before. They work.

Tracking disruption, damps, scrams (to prevent MWD but the AI usually doesn’t MWD in scram range) I haven’t tried.

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I’ve heard of people using Nos’s on enemies for cap, so they’re not completely immune to cap warfare. I heard somewhere that tracking disrupters and damps don’t work on them, but I’m not sure if that’s true. And, of course, as lo pointed out, webs and target painters work, and are effective.

They’re immune to capacitor warfare, but you will get capacitor when you cycle your NOS on them nevertheless. Just like you can warp disrupt a Veldspar Rock if you want, and, unlike a Citadel which can also be warp disrupted, you can even sensor dampen the Veldspar.

Sensor Dampening does nothing to a non-drifter-AI rat, but ECM-ing it will, on success, break all it’s locks, including those on the jamming ship, which is what ECM originally also did to player ships.

Rats warp off when their time to go has come, and bubbles, scrams, dispruptors or infinity points are ineffective on them. With the old ESS, you could drop the ESS on a rat, and if that resulted in the rat being inside the ESS warp disruption field when the belt cycle tick came, the rat would de-spawn rather then evaluating a random chance to warp off. I used that to get rid of titan rats that I couldn’t get rid off otherwise, as unlike regular rats, titans and dreadnaughts don’t warp, but they’re still affected by the belt cycle timer, so once you ESS bubbled them, they despawned within 20 minutes.

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So since rats have infinite capacitor, and nosferatus work on them, you can extract effectively infinite energy from them? :smiley:

thats solved the capacitor problem :ok_hand:

Nosferatu modules consume too much powergrid to be feasible capacitor sources. You get more capacitor repair per powergrid unit by installing a cap battery, and as most miners/ratters don’t use ewar or propulsion modules anyway, mid slots are less valuable then high ones, too.

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I tried it a bit ago, with back to back lvl3 and lvl 4 missions ( the lvl 4 was ‘right hand of zazzmatazz’ ) with an ashimmu with 2 nosf in the highs, and was able to cap out boats in both missions, and had to switch targets occasionally to keep 2 reppers running. ‘Zor’ the boss bs in zazzmatazz is the one i really wanted to try as i knew he was immune to webbing, but he was the one i really had to kill early as he generated more dps than was easy to stay on field with, in that short-range cruiser. Anyway, some of them at least are very capable; if that helps at all.

  1. The NPC’s capacitor is not infinite. You can ship scan NPCs and see cap amount. This was changed when they changed the mechanics of Nosf so you can’t get infinite cap from NPCs. See screenshot.
  2. They are not immune to cap warfare.
  3. It all depends on whether they are “new” or “old” NPC, or rather what kind of AI they have. All old NPCs have “free” module activation. Some new ones can be dried up and stop firing. As far as I know this is how NPC Revelation behaves at the observatories in pochven.
    Also you can damp NPC, use tracking and missile dirupters. Warp disrupters work on drifters and NPC Diamond industrials. warp scram works on some burner npc. Some NPC have immune to webs, but most of them havent.

Well, I know that Weapon Disruption (e.g. missile flight range) work on Burners. A corpmate figured out some cheap fits which utilized that in a fleet of 2-3.

There is also a very cheap fit for a Kestrel to beat all Team Burners by using ECM on the Logi frigates. Once affected they will flee out of range and cannot help the Burner anymore. And if you fly away at the same speed of the chasing Burner, the Logis will likely never catch up again.

With the old NPC a little hidden secret is that if you neut them instead of them running out of cap they have a % reduction to their active tank.

It’s actually a bug. But nobody cares about it. maybe @CCP_Kestrel will be interested in it, but that’s not certain.


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Just fyi, was doing Damsel in Distress with a boat that has a heavy ghoul, and was unable to effect even the slightest drain on any of the boats at even very near range; tried on each of the classes in the mission.

read the module description …

Drains energy from the target ship and adds it to your own. This huge unit is designed for battleship class ships.

Note: A Nosferatu module will not drain your target’s capacitor below your own capacitor level.

you can cap-drain npc , try again but cap your ship out first :smile:
or try one of the blood-raider ships with nos bonus .
here you can see npc stats , including cap capacity

Seems all e-war create threat or aggro on the npc’s useful if you don’t want them to kill your drones or friends.

Good day;

Hope that’s it, I ran repper to get down to 10% cap area and still was unable to draw a single erg from the last boat I tried yesterday, a Gurista BS; but I have yet to swing by or similar to see just what kind of cap those boats have, maybe it’s that little.

I’d much rather be wrong on that account than an alternative of further nerfing.

Just an alternative in case you or someone else would like one. It should pull data directly from EVE. Just make sure you have the exact proper entity to get accurate data. There are other similar sites as well if one prefers another source.

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