Nos/Neuts versus Triglavians

Since the damage output on the trig ships depends on them constantly running their turret, can the NPCs have their turrets turned off due to insufficient power? I’m not really sure how capacitor warfare works on NPCs, and would love to find the ashimmu relevant in abyssal deadspace.

NOS/Neut doesn’t work against NPC ships. NPC ships cheat. I’ve had NPC frigates stay locked on to me from 5,000km out. I’ve bumped NPC miners 100km off the rock they were mining and they were still mining it. NPC ships don’t have a capacitor, or modules, or ammo…

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Womp womp. Thanks for the reply. It was a nice little dream there for a second.

check by ship scanner what their cap is etc. Some newer npc ships don’t cheat as much

As I said, NPC ships have no modules. None. Scan it all you want, nothing will show up. They deal a scripted, generic damage type and have infinite ammo and capacitor.

They don’t have infinite cap. It actually shows their set cap in the ship scanner. If they had infinite cap nos would work. What they tend to have is a very high regen rate and very low total cap though. But some of the more recent scripting checks such things.

The only relevant ship in Abyssal space at present is the Gila because it’s so Op you wouldn’t fly anything else.

Might also be because it’s a ship that works well under heavy neuting. Which a lot of the recent content including abyssal space has.

The Gila dies under heavy neuting unless it’s purely a passive tank. Fitting it as such severely nerfs its damage potential making it ill-suited for anything above T3 filaments because it just won’t deal enough damage.

It’s overpowered because the 500% bonus to Faction Vespas makes them virtually indestructible. Also, F1 monkeys love the point and shoot aspect of the Gila.

In tests I took a neuting Ishtar on an npc vedmak after neuting a disgusting amount of neut cycles worth-about 30 it st oped remote reping but not shooting.

Bottom line is its not efficient or worth it

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try it and find out. Lots of misconceptions about NPCs exist because no one bothers to test it.

NPCS do have cap so nos/neut work on them, the thing is their modules activate independently of their cap so there isn’t any point in neuting them, and you have to have lower cap to get energy back from Nos so it’s rather niche. I don’t know if the :diamonds: npcs or triglavian NPCs play by the same rules or not, mostly through lack of care to test it.

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